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Silly Surprising But True – Fun Facts About Women

Facts about Women are always interesting to know! You cannot deny the attraction about knowing her silly facts. What she thinks, What she does, What are her Default Feminine traits, and much More… Enjoy Reading this interesting list of about a Woman’s Facts. Believe it or not, you will love reading.



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  • According to the remark made by Playboy magazine, Women pass dirty remarks more than men during an intercourse.


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  • People assume that in Saudi Arabia, If a Woman is not getting coffee from her husband she can give her husband divorce.


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  • When it comes to sex, women take it as a part of emotional aspect, while men take it largely on a physical ground.

women dancing

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  • It has been observed that when a woman dancing with another woman, PEOPLE act fine about it. But if a guy dances with a guy, it is an epic on the other hand and they are entitled as gay.


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  • Majority women do not look forward to receiving a loyal answer from their partners for “How Do I Look?”

woman in front of full closet

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  • Even if her wardrobe and closest are jam-packed with clothes, ladies always feel an urge to buy more shoes, bags, clothes etc.


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  • A women at least watches herself in front of mirror twice before stepping foot outside.


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  • Women do not like to keep her hands free so she keep her hand busy holding clutches or huge bags.guy guessing girl


  • A lady will always Expects her man to read her desires in her eyes. But, men on the other hand always find it most complicated.

man sorry

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  • Come what may, even if the mistake is of a lady, it has to be the man who has to apologize.women iq


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  • On the standard test the two highest IQ records are bagged by two women.

Moody bitches

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  • No-one can predict the mood of a lady. Not even a Woman herself! At one instance she is fine and the next moment she can be all dull.

bathroom women

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  • It is a truth that when it comes to visiting a bathroom, a woman will have so many different products to use while a man simply finds it difficult to find and get the things right.

selfie in bathroom

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  • For the ladies the public restrooms are a place of chit-chat and click Selfie.

woman handbag

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  • The women throw their cell phones in their purse and end up digging into the world of mess.

scared insect

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  • Majority of women shout out loud whenever they encounter spiders, bugs, lizards and rats in their premises.
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