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Simple tips on how to go green

With so many news items and study done on global warming and other issues that are disturbing the surroundings and the eco system at large; it is vital that each one understand their responsibility and lessen at least their share by taking positive steps towards a green eco system.

Just as it is said “Charity begins at home” the steps towards going green should also begin from homes and then spread out. Many individuals feel that their contribution towards a green surrounding will not make a difference. Perhaps on the other hand they might also feel that non participation would not make a difference; because they are just a handful. The truth is just the opposite. Imagine if a few go green everyday and the number increases. Very shortly you will find a green universe.

How fresh and healthy the world’s future would be!

The future generation will live in a nicer world. They will not only grow in an eco friendly atmosphere, but also in an economically prosperous country. Every one of us wants to go green; just waiting for a friendly word or gesture of motivation. Perhaps these tips would help us to start.

1. At the home front:

Every home has a Fridge; a giant energy consumer. So let’s see how to save energy. Nowadays, there are so many energy saving units available, so if you are thinking of replacing your fridge, opt for a fridge that has a maximum energy saving stars.  Avoid opening the fridge frequently. Keep all the items in air tight containers. Using a two door fridge is better than a single door unit. Set the temperature at a moderate level.

2. Switch off the electric supply after use:

Switch off the TV, computer and other electronic gadgets after use instead of keeping them in the standby mode. This will not only save electricity but also not add CO2 in the atmosphere. Removing the plugs would be an additional step.

It goes without saying that once the charging of the batteries in the mobiles, lap tops and other utility products is over; removing the plugs would also save energy.

 3. Change to CFL:

Though replacing the regular light bulbs the energy efficient/saving bulbs may cost a little more they will save the electricity bills. Using the adjustable lights will also give the rooms a dramatic feel.

4. Save water:

Water used to flush out the toilet waste should be adjusted to reduce the flow of water from the tank after every use. Check the taps and other water connections and fix the leakage.

While taking a shower or brushing your teeth, use water when needed. Keep the taps closed otherwise.

5. Save water while dish washing:

Use water only to rinse the vessels and keep the water supply turned off while cleaning them. Allow the dishes and utensils to sun dry.

6. Avoid using plastic bags:

Use paper bags, polythene bags or re-useable bags to buy or keep things”. Use different garbage bags to separate dry and wet garbage.

7.Make re usable things out of waste:

Use the bottles, cans and other throwaways to create new usable things.

If one keenly observes every aspect of the house or home, many changes; big and small can be brought about to make the go green lifestyle a success.

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