10 Situations Only A Woman Younger Than Her Actual Age Can Understand!

While people think it is a blessing to look young than the age you are into, there are only few times you feel oh yes, I am lucky. In reality whenever you are being seen from the wow eyes you feel frustrated. Well, most of the times as you just cannot take it any further. Why? Ask women with a short height and young look, how many times she has to explain that no she isn’t below 18!! We understand, nothing is better beyond the limit and so is your priceless young look as it comes with terms and conditions!

Here are some of the situations that every ‘young’ but not young woman has gone through:

1.The Half Cheat

You have traveled on half ticket all the time, though it is not legitimate to do so! Had a little fear while doing so? Or were you so happy that you cheat them with actually no efforts?

2. I Am Happy Young But…


There are many ways in which you have explained them that you are not 12 but 17. And it makes you feel so tired that all you want to do is to run away from them!

3. As If I Was The Only One…


During any family gatherings or friends get together people actually ask you what and where are you pursuing your studies? And that face when you say I am graduate is something no one would love to miss! But hey, don’t give them a damn!

4. The Worst Of All..


Nothing could be more punishable than this one where you like a guy who lives in your residence area but he feels that you are too young to date. Hanging out with you would be like a younger sister and an older brother. But you know what girl, keep up the spirit girl, world isn’t a small place!

5.Will You Please Believe Me?

And that struggle at the movie theaters when your excitement to watch flicks like “Fifty Shades of Grey” is swept on by those bunch of age verifiers. And there you had to show them all your id proofs.

6. Still You Are The Most Matured One!


You are always treated as the baby and are called by the name as ‘Chhoti, Bacchi’ though you are older than one of the friend from the group. Well, they shouldn’t at least call you by those kid names. Isn’t?

7. Cause Your Younger Sister Is Older Than You!


You wear your younger sister’s clothes even though she is the younger one, for she has grown taller and appears a little more matured. This is one of the reasons you are actually unable to buy your favorite winter pajamas! Every time you plan to buy one she would say, this is for you sis, it doesn’t fit me anymore!

8. Because Life Isn’t Easy!


Your clothes, makeup products, hairstyles, shoes is one of the parts of your goal to look somewhere closure to your actual age, literally! It becomes a real struggle!

9. Get Yourself A Seat Please!


No matter how uncomfortable you are, you are the first person who is forced to sit on others lap in an Indian styled family car which has the capacity of 7 but we you are 12. Can’t help it! Oh wait, we can do the Mr. Bean Style!

10. You are Blessed!

Whenever you tell people that there are many problems you regularly face for being too young than your actual age, you get only one answer: “You are lucky to be one and that you would realize after 10 years”, followed by the giggles.

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