Come Alive

Skin Renewal Programme For The Special Day!

A special day is special in every way, may it be in terms of pleasant memories and flowers or be it for your beauty at its prime. Rather than making your skin wait for a special occasion, your genes can tell you a way to make each day a special day for your skin!

Women, irrespective of their age, certainly enjoy an irresistible moment of joy when someone compliments their appearance, saying “you look beautiful and yes much younger than your actual age”. The minute we say appearance, the first thing that strikes our mind is skin. A woman whose skin is glowing and whose expression is glad enjoys an element of beauty no matter what she wears. The ‘beauty attributes’ including radiance, glow, softness, suppleness and youthfulness are achievable if and only your skin is healthy.

Eternal beauty secrets lie in your genes and lifestyle!

Beauty is a radiance that originates from within. Any overt sign seen on the face, may it be a wrinkle, fine line, age spot or pigmentation is a resultant of vital internal processes that happen at the cellular level. The onset and severity of these external signs is decided by the cell’s in-built capacity to cope up with the damage provoked by various external and internal stressors including heat, radiation, pollution, lack of exercise, stress, inadequate sleep, hormonal imbalance, genetic variations, excess glucose, and free radicals. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of our cell has instruction sites called ‘genes’ which unveil the destiny of skin health and aging pattern. Genes hold your appearance secrets, and yes, interestingly these secrets can be revealed painlessly! Therefore, an insight on skin health and its aging pattern ascertained through a genetic assessment will enable us to make appropriate lifestyle changes that will preserve our skin health in its prime form and help us age gracefully. Skin of different people might exhibit similar signs of aging from outside, but from within, its genetic and metabolic regulations stand unique. And that’s exactly why we should put into practice ways to look ‘Young & Beautiful’ from ‘Inside- Out’.

Redefine skincare through genes!

‘Skincare through genes’, is this a complex and invasive approach? Or does this challenging concept exist in India? If at all it exists then is it affordable? These are a few questions that mind map most of the readers. Understanding our skin’s topmost position in the priority list of exclusivity and customized catering, Xcode Life Sciences, a personalized healthcare pioneer has innovatively launched a concept called ‘Come Alive’.

‘Come alive’, is India’s first DNA-based skin care regimen which will undeniably carve a niche in the untapped segment of personalized skincare. ‘Come alive’ insightfully addresses skin care on the basis of a once-in-lifetime, non-invasive DNA assessment, with saliva as its sample choice. DNA assessment being the backbone of this concept, skin repair and regeneration are targeted at the cellular level through natural approaches. Skin essential nutrients are subjectively recommended based on the individual’s genetic make-up as ascertained through DNA assessment and lifestyle patterns as narrated by the person. Thus a holistic approach featuring gene-based personalized nutritional recommendations and a customized fitness plan (inclusive of facial exercises) dually catalyze the benefits of skin care solutions and pave way for preserving a beautiful skin.

‘Genes determine the destiny of our skin health! So know your genes, sow healthy habits and reap youthful appearance’.

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