Small Steps Towards Change, Viddroh Group Shows The Mirror Image Of Society!

Women and social issues, mental torture, physical crime is not a new thing in India nor in any part of the world. To make people aware the rightful thing, media is the biggest medium to educate and empower, we usually see newspaper articles, TV shows, debates, movies and much more. Street shows and Dramas was an indigenous thing Indians adored and then came technological wind which nearly eradicated the charm of Dramas, but there are few small groups still holding on to Nukkad Natak (Street corner drama).

One such small group with big aim is of ‘Viddroh’,  a dramatics team, which performs Nukkad Natak and theater shows to uncover the black shades of society and its effects on the lives of people. A group of 19 students of LNCT engineering college of Bhopal, lead by Anmol Jain is becoming a talk of the city since months. It has to be, all thanks to their efforts in laying their young minds, precious time to awaken the society for women’s rights. The group in the past have performed at various commercial malls, streets, university and colleges and have gathered immense applauds from the people for their ferocious take on the Indian mentality towards women were worth a loud appreciation.

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Recently, on account of International Women’s Day, partnered by Women Planet Foundation, the Viddroh group had performed a Natak themed ‘Nanga Nach’ – Jaago Namardo Jaat, Bandh Karo Nanga Naach, in the city of Indore! These students together displayed how Indian women raises to take a charge, to be independent and to stand against all odds but are suppressed by their own heroes – their fathers and men they love the most!

The 22 minutes verbal show covered sensitive issues like female foeticide, child trafficking, rape and left the onlookers awestruck with their performances and strong taglines. In a word with Anmol Jain, It was clear that he has too many ideas in his young mind to bring a change for women. He also shared bad situation of Tantrism that is still followed in some parts of India, where they use women as sacrifice or perform insane activities. “It is unbelievable that modern India still has such superstitious activities intact. I feel very bad when I hear or see any such news and hence our next performance is based on the old Indian beliefs of Tantrism or any superstition. Also, I am glad that we receive applauds for our performance but it will be great if it is been useful to change mentalities of people in real”

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The performance received great appreciation, not only from the onlookers who were filled with enthusiasm to be a changemaker but some of the national and local newspapers have also covered the news. India needs more such groups to eradicate each and every woman based issues from its roots. We wish Team Viddroh, for their next skit in Ujjain based on Superstitious beliefs, a very all the best for every performances they execute for the society’s welfare. Women Planet is glad to be a part of this social cause!

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