8 Smart Safety Tips To Help You Escape The Danger!

Anything learnt is never a waste. What life has enclosed for you the next moment is unpredictable and hence one need to be prepared for those sudden developments. If some day you are struck in a situation where you have nothing but just a brain and a little smartness to save yourself, these handy safety tips would assist you; probably that can save not just you but many innocent lives.

1.Learn a Little Pretending!

If you are in a rickshaw or a taxi and you feel that the driver is suspicious, do not wait for anything. Pull out your phone, either really speak to someone from the family/friends or pretend as if you are talking to someone. Be smart and share the route you are on, the vehicle appearance and also the number. Now that he knows that he would be easily identified, chances of any incident is reduced.

2. Play Conscious!

When you next time visit a hotel with your family or husband/boyfriend or anyone to be precise, insert the room keys given to you by the hotel management in the keyhole, once the door is closed. This way it becomes a see-through proof!

3. Gauge the Situation!

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In any fight or a quarrel with someone, never pull out Knife, Blade, Gun or any weapon, instead use Pepper spray to divide the opposite person’s attention so that you can take a move. Pulling out a weapon will only increase the chances of you getting injured or killed by the same, you never know how prepared is the opposite person.

4. Keep Some Stuff Handy!

Sleep with your car keys keeping them next to pillow or on the side table. Whenever any disturbances is caused or a burglar has invaded the house, press the panic alert button. The alert lights and loud sound may shoo away the thieves or at least create a ruckus. OR you can install an ALERT or SECURITY app on your phone through which you can send emergency messages to your Family and Friends.

5. A Little But Savior Tip

Never keep your hands in your pockets while getting down on the stairs. If you lose a balance and fall, there’s no way you can hold anything for the support.

6. Take The Initiation!

Take The Initiation

If any day you meet with an accident and are lying almost left with no help, there might be people who would just look at you and do away the situation. At this situation, do not plead or yell at crowd for any assistance, just point out at one particular person, “You the girl in orange, please call ambulance now.” This will allow the girl to take decision and come out of the bystander effect.

7. Strike The Right Point

If you are being attacked/being verbally abused/followed, do not panic but hit on their groins, punch their eyes and nose, scratch and squeeze ears. These are the most sensitive parts of the human body, if rightly and with all energy it is done, you may get a chance to run from the situation.

8. Trust Your Gut

You know at times, you don’t feel like going anywhere or doing something? That’s your gut, and your unconscious mind already know there’s something wrong, and thus believe it.. And do what you feel to do. Your unconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious one which is divided by the worldly matters. So follow your instincts.

There are more to these safety tips – Avoid phone will driving, walking to be aware and real quick to react on the situations, to always keep few stuff handy in order to hit on to someone who attacks you etc.

These tips are few things which we need to get into habit and you are going to share it with your friends and family as it will saves many lives.

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