Society Needs To Share Space With Animals, They Were Here Before Us: Nandita Amin!

Every person out there is inspirational in one or the other way, those small or big talents of them makes a difference. In our daily life we often get inspired from our parents, siblings and friends, from people we meet or study/work with. One such lady has spell bounded me with the values upon she lives her life. Nandita Amin of Vadodara is a fairy mother for those hundreds of voiceless animals and is a novel to people who couldn’t travel much and are devoid of natural sceneries.

About 17 years ago Ms. Nandita had stopped practicing as a Landscape Architecture, which was her profile as a profession, and that gave birth to Vcare. Ms. Nandita found Vcare out of her extreme love for the animals, where sick street animals, animal accident cases or abandoned animals are taken care of.

“When my father died he left me a factory that manufactured electrical fuses. I worked there for 4-5 years and as it wasn’t something of my interest, I sold the factory and now it’s just the schools, travel, and Vcare.”


She runs 2 schools in the city and lives and learn from the traveling which is a regular part of her life. For her traveling is a learning experience, about culture, about food, about how people evolved in that particular place. That is what she does now but what makes her stand aside extraordinarily is her contribution to the animal welfare and the values by which she lives. Vcare is active because of her dedication, volunteers, donations and contributions. She not only provide animal shelter, food but facilitates surgeries if required. At times it is very difficult to even pay the salaries but somehow she manages.

“In India, I mean why India, here in Baroda there are so many animals who are in need and then we as a society need to share our space with them, they were here before us. So, I feel very strongly about animals and thus began Vcare.”

Everyday the Care center gets 8-10 accident cases alone, they keep the animals, feed and give them shelter till they are biologically well. Once fit and fine, either they allow them to live there in the premises or announce their adoption on the social media page. Her dreams to live life the way she wants do not stop here, there’s more to it. Along with being a part of 2 successful schools, an animal health center Vcare, being a voracious traveler, she is also a blogger and an amateur photographer where she embeds her observation.

13627123_10153976401922670_6807037685295622904_n“My blog is more about nature, the living birds and animals, how one should learn to live with them. Whenever I go for a walk, whatever I see goes in my blog, observation!”

Upon asked about the multiple roles that she loves to live, she said, “You have to learn how to balance, I think what you do is, learn to multitask.” According to her, Internet has made the world a better and easy place to work, through which she uploads the images and writes her journey when she travels and also get the updates from schools and Vcare. And moreover she has a great advice for every woman. “To me the ME time is very important and the same thing every woman should believe in.”

There’s nothing a woman cannot do she says. “As a woman, I have never felt I wasn’t able to do a particular thing. Women do better, I think because they are more sensitive in many cases. I think there’s a gene in women which makes them a bit more sensitive. They feel dedicated to prove in a man’s world, and that puts in a lot of moral for her.”


The once single child is now a single woman. She has a very straight answer to marriage. “When you get married, you don’t just marry a man, you marry his entire family. I am very blessed. It’s not like some girls who wants to get married and cannot get married, for me it’s like a choice.”

Ms. Nandita Amin says that everyone has ups and downs in life, what’s important is how we face it and any difficult situation will only make you stronger. “Take everything that comes your way, don’t resist it and go with the flow. Don’t fight it negatively, sooner or later you would join the current.”

She lives her life the way she wants and is happy with it having no regrets of being a single woman. Her dreams are her life, and living by them is her profile. What did we learn from Ms. Nandita Amin? We learnt how to live. We learnt not to live by the stereotyped society rules, but to live by yourself first.

“To me I think the very important part is education and financial independence. You have that? You have the confidence, and if you have both you can live your dreams.”

“If you are passionate about something, don’t let anyone stop it. As long as you are not hurting anybody by following your dreams, I would say just follow them, Don’t let anyone stop it.”

Image Source: www.facebook.com/vadodaracare , www.facebook.com/VCAREpeople

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