Spreading Smiles With Muskaan Hygiene Kit – A Women Planet Initiative!

Small selfless things done for others unknowingly wins you a big place in their hearts.  A wisdom that has dawned upon Women Planet Foundation through today’s experience, our first step to adopt Girls for their Hygiene requirements during their periods. Team Women Planet Foundation reached Utsav Vidyalaya, Moxi, near Savali Vadodara to help girls get the right hygiene in their periods. It indeed had been a great learning experience.

The team went there with the prior permission to attend almost 25-30 girls from the school in order to educate them on the Hygiene one must take during periods. As the school is in a village, the team expected an average support when it comes to talk about something which is still considered a taboo! But Women Planet couldn’t stop praising the school for its ambiance – surrounded by the nature, for its students – high degree of discipline, for its hosting – reminded us the traditional India, for their cooperation and lot many things that it lack words to describe!


It began with the traditional Indian welcome, followed by meeting those innocent yet brilliant girls from class 5th to 8th. The session lasted for almost an hour, where team Women Planet educated the little girls about Menstruation, how and why it happens, what to do and not to do during periods! The discussion went interesting because we learnt different things from the girls who come from varied religious customs and beliefs. At times, we didn’t even had to teach them certain things, they were Eco-friendly already!

After an interesting discussion on Menstruation, girls happily shared their first experiences of period. They learnt from today’s session that period is not a taboo and hence we shouldn’t hide it but should be proud about the same. In those giggles and shyful head downs, we learnt that they enjoyed the session with Women Planet Foundation. Those Thank you smiles when they received the ‘Muskaan Hygiene Kit’ (which included Sanitary napkin pack, tissue packet, Toilet Soap and a skincare product) from Women Planet Foundation were awe struck! 


The most important of all, from the caretakers of the school, we learnt that, this school faced a lot of challenges as it is an English Medium school in a village initiated by a family, who dreamt of giving education to the community. But today, there are kids from 22 villages studying here with increasing number of girls admission every year, a challenge well accepted and proved! We are very happy to leave smiles on those innocent faces, and more important is, now that they have things to take care of, we are assured they are healthy. To make it possible, Women Planet is going to keep a tab on the same, each month by personally visiting the schools it has tied up with. All it needs is a support from people like you, Here’s how you can help.

How can you support?

1 Muskaan Kit -1 Month= apx. 60 INR

3 Months=180 INR

6 Months =360 INR

1 Girl – 1 Year (12 months) – 720 INR

Help us by adopting one girl’s happiness for one year at least. Donate 720 INR or Less (as per your willingness) and help us spreading the happiness with “Muskaan”.

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