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Starting Solids For Your 6 Months Old Baby!

Is your Baby 6 months old already? It’s hard to believe how time flies, especially when you have a 24 X 7 juke box, making all sorts of sounds and actions. Well, now that your baby has reached the 6 months milestone, it is time you introduce him to solids.

As a mother, we are always excited to try our hands on various recipes for them. This stage of starting solids for a 6 month old is called Weaning.

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Some important points to remember before you start any new food to your baby.

  • Please follow the 3 DAY Rule – While Introducing any new food to your baby, please follow 3 days rule to see if he is allergic to any food.
  1. Start 1 tablespoon one time a day on the first day.
  2. Make it 2 tablespoon twice a day on the second day.
  3. Make it 3 tablespoon twice a day on the third day.
  • You can give 2 tried foods together but never with 2 new food, since we will not know for which food the baby is allergic to or which food causes a stomach upset.
  • Check with your Pediatrician: Consult your Pediatrician before offering any new food. He might as well suggest you on a few list of basic first food items that you may try to feed your baby.
  • Initially, give the food a little runny by mixing breast milk or formula feed, then slowly increase the consistency.
  • Keep an eye on any sign or symptoms that shows that your baby is allergic to. sterilizer
  • Always sterilize all the utensils you are going to use to either cook or feed the baby. You can sterilize by using the commercial sterilizers that are easily available in the market or follow the traditional method of sterilization.
  • Always check the temperature of the food before feeding
  • Avoid using bottle to feed the baby any juices. Instead use cup and spoon. Your baby may enjoy this more than the regular bottle. Also, bottles are not recommended as it may cause colic.
  • The recommended timings for giving the solid food will be around 11 am to 12 pm in mornings and 4 to 6 pm in the evenings. Of course you can alter the timings as per your baby’s schedule.
  • Do not add salt, sugar or honey to your baby’s food. It’s not recommended to add these items to your baby’s food at an early stage. Do not worry about the taste as their taste buds are still virgin. Try and add these items to their food once they turn 1 year.

Do not fret if the baby does not like the food, try another variety, don’t get agitated that he does not complete the meal, for it will take another couple of months.

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