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Staying Fit – Maintaining A Healthy Body Without Gyms and Trainers!

Staying fit is the mantra to a good and hearty life! But, for professionals who fight time every single day to finish their work plans, staying healthy and in a good shape gets altogether difficult. With deadlines, projects and families to manage, finding time for gyms or any form of exercise routines gets difficult. And with this, the only solution left to maintain that beautiful shape you have is by exercising at home, for whatever time you get.

A reader at Women Planet recently popped up this question on staying fit to our expert Wanitha Ashok. The question was simple, but with a lot of depth, especially for professionals who battle to find time for gyms or aerobics. The reader asked, “I am a working professional, and I don’t have time to workout in the gym. So, I usually do yoga or other forms of exercises like HIIT Training, pilates, aerobics, ladder and zumba, by downloading videos from Youtube & go for outdoor jog. What is your advice for me as an expert?

And yes, Wanitha answered the question with poise, helping us all understand how and why we need to workout at home. Appreciating the effort of the reader for maintaining a healthy body by working out at home, Wanitha answered, “I am glad that you are still making time to exercise and you are varying them too.” She further added a word of caution by suggesting the reader to ensure that she keeps the alignment, posture and execution rightly or she could injure herself. Adding more to it, she also said, “Make sure that you workout with your shoes on, even when indoors. Do not perform high intensity moves on hard surface to prevent injuries. Make sure to warm up and cool down.” After all, whether you exercise at home or in a gym, it gets extremely important that you warm up to avoid muscle injures or cramps. So, for all those lazybones who hate going to gyms, start up with these, simple home based exercises and see your body stay in a perfect shape.

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