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Stop Judging Us Based On These Stereotypical Thoughts!

Gender discriminations are so deep rooted in India that it will take a century or more to rope the seeds of equality in minds of those millions, who have ironies related to women deeply furnished! Not to forget millions stereotyping women for certain roles, it includes me and you! Yes, we sometimes do it unconsciously! Let’s not forget that, biologically men and women might be wired differently, but otherwise both are the same.

Indian women are definitely the victim of stereotyping about everything they do and do not:

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  1. Women, The Weaker Gender

No, I do not think every women out there need a man to look after her. Today, women are independent, strong and do not believe in some of the outdated traditions.

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  1. Independent? Women Can’t Be!

Yes they can! Women are smart, career and family oriented at a time. They have become multi-taskers and role models for millions. Women know how to find their talent the right way. This page would be too short for me to mention the list of women icons.

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  1. SHE, Always The Victim

We haven’t forgotten Jasleen Kaur, Rohtak sisters, the Indrani Mukerjee cases where women are the dark shadows. Hundreds of assaults against men are prevail today and the problem is, people still have this lame mentality, Girl slapped a boy on street? That guy must be eve-teasing!

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  1. So Loyal Hamesha!

Agreed, living in an Indian society there are million women dedicated to their husbands and loving them unconditionally but watch out, there are women mastering the cheat! Married or Unmarried, there are ladies out there, who share the history of such incidents. Boys can be loyal too!

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  1. Man’s Success, Woman Must Be A Reason!

No no no, not necessary every time! Poverty, Self-Esteem, Luxurious Lifestyle, Expensive cars and bikes, Papa ke sapne etc. can also be the reasons for a man to work hard and earn the position where he stands today! Logical?

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  1. Roads Not Safe When Women Drive!

Is it? Has anyone come across any approved scientific reason for why women are bad drivers than men? If you have come across, please share it here and also let me remind you that more than half of the time its men ego who doesn’t allow their women to drive in their presence!

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  1. Kids – Not Now!

Yes, I know women have that I want kids thought, do you? – as the general notion but women who are crazy and passionate for their career can deny a marriage and a kid in near future. Even they have dreams to fulfil and cherish for life!

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  1. Inferior They Are

Well, this seeks little pity from my side to those poor men who are the head of the family just as the showpiece in a market. Relations and decisions upon it must be mutual but some women find it hard to understand.

So, not necessarily you need to sympathise a woman for she being woman, know the matter and then dig into it. Moreover, just because she is a women, doesn’t mean she needs a man’s hand to hold on to. Let’s not judge anyone, de-motivate or encourage the not so good things of society. No stereotyping, let the equality prevail!

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