Stories By Women Planet That Touched Million Hearts In 2015!!

We all bade a goodbye to 2015 and have warmly welcomed 2016, a New Year with a New Beginning. Women Planet is thankful in bundles to its readers for expressing their love via reading, sharing, liking and reviewing stories that came to you with an intention to Educate:Empower:Entertain Women.

The year passed by sharing stories that affected us emotionally, some were funny that made us giggle, some were informative and some were too deep to make us cry. Let’s go to the 2015 flashback and glance the stories that grabbed our eyeballs:

Women Planet - 1

  1. My Cousin Lifted My Frock Every Night To Cure Me from Cancer!

Children are innocent and loving! But can you believe, a monster chooses to sexually abuse a girl of just 4 years of age? Here is a true story that will traumatize you!

Women Planet - 2

  1. Have A Clean And Safe Period – Hygiene Tips For All Women

For women, ensuring menstrual hygiene is extremely important, else she may conceive several health complications. Here are menstrual hygiene tips for a better health.

Women Planet - 3

  1. I Am Raped Everyday By My Husband – Story of Marital Rape

A Rape is a Rape, whether inside Marriage or outside it. But, will the some egoistic Indian men understand this fact which is connected emotionally? Sadly, In India marital rape is still not considered a crime.

Women Planet -4

  1. No Breasts No Rape – Young Girls Forced For Breast Ironing In Africa To Avoid Rapes!

Breast ironing is one of the most painful traditions followed in the Central African countries. Girls, in their puberty, are forced to undergo this procedure by their own mothers and sisters.

Women Planet - 5

  1. 20 Things That Suggest You Are A Dancer

Are you a dancer Dil se? Well, here are 20 points to help you know about your passion for dancing.

Women Planet - 6

  1. I Am A Transgender, I Am A Proud Woman Born Without Vagina, Breasts And Uterus : Akkai Padmashali

At age 8, he had already realized that he was a complete woman from within. But, describing his feelings to his parents was not easy. A Transgender today, She now fights for the Human rights of all transgenders in the society.

Women Planet - 7

  1. Nigeria Bans Female Genital Mutilation: Miles to Travel?

140 million women around the world go through Female Genital mutilation and 101 million of them live in Africa. Nigeria created a history by outlawing female genital mutilation; however, there are people who still follow this heinous crime.

Women Planet - 8

  1. Solving 9 weirdest Bra Problems!

From bra straps that just keep sliding off to major side-boob spillage, there are a number of problems we’ve all faced. Here are the most common weird bra problems and solutions, we are sure you would like to Thank us.

Women Planet - 9

  1. Virginity Sold – True Story

She is a daughter, like me and you. But, unlike us who are pampered with love and born to the best families, She was born to some of the most inhuman people who Sold her Virginity and forced her to enter the sex trade at an age of 9.

Women Planet - 10

  1. 7 Lovemaking Tips For Women From A Man’s Diary

Lovemaking is not just about satisfying your body and needs. It has an in-depth meaning attached to both of you. Here are 7 glorious tips from a man’s view for his female partner.

2015 was a blend of stories that really meant a thing for us and the above were the bests of Women Planet. We laughed-cried together, thought-reviewed together, scrutinized together and for some stories we even disclosed our hatredness for people who well deserved it! It was an amazing experience having the knowledge of all around? Isn’t it?

Let’s make 2016 more bigger with many such informative, funny and inspirational stories. Be with Women Planet forever like this. Keep Reading, Keep Reviewing!

Happy New Year!!

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