Successful And A Single Mother At 25: I Am Prageet Kaur Sandhu!

Can you win life being a Single Working Mother? Yes, Prageet Kaur Sandhu did! Here is her story how she overcame all the hard times just for her daughter and her family.

“I am born and brought up in Delhi and belong to a typical Punjabi joint family. I Lost my father when I was 10 years of age. My dad committed suicide due to personal issues, which I would not like to reveal. Both my maternal and paternal families were filthy, and so we did not suffer from any financial breakdown. My mom was always a strong person from within. We had several properties and my mom decided to give a part of the property on rent as a PG to the working women and female students. I was the eldest sibling in my family. Right from my childhood my mother was a strong pillar supporting me and my younger brother. She was wise, both financially and emotionally. She exactly knew where to put her money and where to let go. I grew up looking forward to my mother.

mom n daughterI was always broadminded and religious. As I was growing, being independent was the only goal occupying my mind. I was in my B.Com first year wherein, I started developing interest in extra-curricular activities. Hosted events as a part of cultural festival and gradually mastered the essentials of being a good host. In my second year of the college I started hosting as a part time job to earn pocket money and help myself. In my third year I came in touch with the best event management of the city. The son of the company’s owner was in love with me. As I started getting more projects with the company, we became close to the owner’s son and we started dating each-other. I was 20 years of age and he was 23 when we thought to get married. I shared my thought with my family but they disagreed.

Soon after the rejection, me and my boyfriend decided to run away and get married. I was 20 and soon I conceived. I gave the good news to my In-laws they were happy but since it was my starting career they wanted me to abort. Even my husband and our close friends asked me to abort but somewhere down in my heart, I was firm that I will never abort.

I shared it with my mother and she came to receive me at my husband’s place forgiving us for what-so-ever happened in the past. My family was religious and believed in humanity. As I was firm for not aborting even they supported me for the same. They consider abortion as a Sin and would not like me to do it ever. At the age of 21, I managed to deliver a healthy baby girl by god’s grace and family support.

After the delivery, I had a grand welcome from my in-laws side. Took a year drop from my career. My whole attention was to nurture my daughter. This was also the time my husband’s family was suffering from downfall in the business. My husband kept ignoring me and my child. I started to feel lonely. But ignoring the fact that my husband was no more a well-to-do man, started to help him in the business. I started to bring in clients for my husband’s event management company and also started to host shows, wedding and anything that came up to me which I could do. My heart used to ache leaving my young child at home with my in-laws.

They never used to take good care of my child and simultaneously, they started to boss over me and exploit me in all possible ways. For more than a year I was quite. But lately it was all on my self-respect which I simply could not take. I had enough torture and got brushed up from all sides. They started to take me for granted. They started asking my mother to financially help them even when I used to give my all hard earned money. Their grand lifestyle and high demands were something I could not fulfill as none in the family was ready to compromise for. Everyone including my husband became selfish.

This was the time I decided to shift to my mother’s place along with my daughter leaving my husband and in-laws. I took divorce as in-laws used to pressurize me for every little demand, right from the house work to caring my child. I started to work on my own keeping in my mind that money is important but my priority was my daughter and family.

To be frank, being single independent mother is the most difficult thing in this world. You really need to gather all the possible strength to be one. Today, I have a booming career and many opportunities knocking my door just at the age of 25. I am well known and established in my field. I am not in any hurry to get married. I am living my dream with all the luxuries and comfort keeping my family and daughter happy. To never give up and showcasing the best is the only mantra of my successful living.”

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