Summer Diet – Is It Effective Against Summer Ailments?

Staying all right in terms of good health throughout summers is actually a big-challenge. Unanticipated sky-high mercury level has triggered the spread of summer diseases ranging from Fever to Stomach Ailments to serious Viral Infections. It seems not worth it at times to stay cool in the hot weather. Summer ailments are mostly caused by poor hygiene, water infection and dehydration. In this scorching heat, people are at high risk of dehydration and worse.

Dehydration is the loss of water and electrolytes from the body which can slow down metabolic processes, reducing energy usage. The digestive system also gets weakened for that reason following an episode of severe vomiting or diarrhea, it is vital to include a large amount of fluids in a dehydration diet to replenish the body. Mild dehydration is a subtle problem that affects many of us because individuals are drinking less water and prefers to drink cold drinks/ colas which relieve thirst for a few minutes, but on the contrary causes dehydration afterwards. Furthermore, repeated outbreaks of dehydration also put us at possibility of developing kidney stones later on.

All through summer season, a light and healthy meal plan consisting foodstuffs that are high in water content should be followed providing ample nutrition while keeping dehydration at bay.

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Signs & Symptoms

  • Reduced and dark urine
  • Muscle weakness: cramping of the arms and legs
  • Lethargy/ Fatigue/ Sleepiness /Dizziness or Tiredness
  • Headache or light headedness
  • Dry skin & mouth
  • Craving for water – Mild to excessive thirst
  • Constipation

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Precautionary Measures

  • Drink enough fluids before, during and after an exercise routine to compensate the fluid loss due to sweating.
  • Limit the consumption of diuretics like coffee, tea, colas, etc.
  • Pay attention to the body’s signals like thirst and a dry throat.
  • Until the end of summer time carry water bottle during outings.
  • Try to avoid:
    • The sun in the middle of the day and use head cover.
    • Dark clothing and use lighter shade apparels.
  • Dietary approach:
    • Eat light, nutritious and non-fatty meals
    • Eat light, small, frequent meals
    • Drink sufficient quantities of water
    • Avoid baking & opt for fast cooking methods such as steaming and quick stir fries.

Ideal Anti-dehydration meal plan:                                                                                                   

Meal time Meal Serving
Early Morning Light lemon tea/ Black coffee 1 cup
Breakfast Suji pancake + mint chutneyBaked potato with hung curd 1 serving1 small bowl
Mid morning Coconut water +Muskmelon 1 glass1 small bowl
Lunch Plain rotiLauki moong dalUnripe mango-onion salad 3 in no.1 small bowl1 bowl
Evening snack Beal panna +Arrowroot biscuit 1 glass3 in no.
Dinner Broken wheat porridgePlain kadhi 1 bowl1 small bowl

Additional Glass of Rose water/ Lemon water/ Kokum water/ Keri panna should be included.

Enjoy a balanced summer diet to stay healthy. Stay Cool, Stay Healthy!!

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