Summer Hairstyles That Give You The Diva Look!!

Well, it`s that time of the year when the sun seems to be beating down on you with a  vengeance!!! And let’s not forget the humidity and the constant sweat that is like your second skin.

Phew! Hence for me this summer it is all about going short. Be bold all you wonderful women of Women Planet and chop of your hair. Besides it being convenient, it is also very chick and trendy.

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2016 summer catwalk trends has seen the bold “Buzz Cut” back with a bang. It debuted at shows such as Saint Laurent, Gucci, Versace and Lanvin. Another trend that was noticed was Pastel hues. Colors such as Silver Lilac, Baby Pink, Rose Gold, Cool Coral-toned rose gold ruled the catwalk. And me thinks combining the two would instantly turn you into a Rockstar.

And for the “not so bold” women, no reason to worry! The Asymmetrical bob is still the height of fashion. You have a wide choice of uber cool bob haircuts to choose from. A medium asymmetrical wavy or curly bob will surely make heads turn. Have some fun by coloring your bob. An ombre choppy bob would make you feel like a million bucks.

For women with straighter hair a graduated bob with red and brown highlights would just lift the mood for summers. Or a short A line bob would also work wonders.

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Now my favorite cut this summer has to be the “pixie cut”. A curly pixie cut with tapered sides, and volume in the middle would instantly make you spunky!


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The Asymmetrical pixie cut is also a current favorite. It looks charming and sexy at the same time. Adding a few purple and pink streaks would surely up your sexiness. And of course the classic pixie cut is always a gorgeous option.

One of the advantages of short hair is its low maintenance and of course a perfect and trendy way to beat the heat. And don’t worry all you lovely ladies, it`s just hair and it will grow back.

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