summer soothing sip

Summer Soothing Sips

Summer is here and perhaps getting to its peak, too very soon, with the temperature already reaching 44 degrees. And this makes it is very essential for us to know what foods to eat this summer to stay hydrated and healthy, especially if you wish to avoid dehydration or heat strokes. As we all know, water keeps our body hydrated which is important for upholding all of our bodily systems working properly. The rising temperature draws off the body water in perspiration affecting our stamina and energy level. The end result is dehydration, resulting in muscle fatigue, cramps, headaches, dizziness, nausea, lethargy and a general feeling of weakness. Thus, refilling the lost fluid is necessary through eating the right type of food to make the summer pleasant and enjoyable. Road side burf-golas, sharbets and ice creams are not the only way to beat the intolerant heat. In summer 2015, aim to add on following healthy fluids to the total water intake:-

  • Plain Water
  • Chaas
  • Milk (Low cal)
  • Coconut water
  • Kokum water
  • Fruits : Raw, juices, Smoothie (with Fruit Juice and Dairy Products)
  • Vegetables : Raw (salad), cooked, juices, soups & stews
  • Milk shakes (Low cal)
  • Green tea (Low caffeine)

 Check out these quick summer health drinks:

Health drink



Chilled soup Boiled and cut beetroot: 1 (40 g)Chopped tomato: 1 (50 g)Finely chopped basil leaf: 10

Bay leaf: 1/2″ piece

Chopped onion: ½ (20 g)

Cinnamon powder: a pinch

Grated ginger: 1/2″ piece

Lemon juice: 2 tbsp

Rock salt: to taste

Sugar: to taste

White pepper powder: a pinch

·  In a saucepan, melt butter over medium flame. Add onion, ginger and bay leaf; cook and stir until tender.·  Remove from heat and mix all ingredients and blend in a blender.·  Strain through a sieve and add the seasoning of salt, pepper, cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice.

·  Put it in the fridge to chill (2-3 hrs) and serve with a garnish of fresh basil leaves.

Khus thunder Khus crush: 2 tbspCrushed mint: a fewEnergy drink: 30 ml

Fennel seeds powder: 1 tsp

Lemon juice: 2 tbsp

Rock salt: to taste

Sugar: to taste

Cold water: as required

·  Mix all ingredients except the energy drink.·  Strain through a sieve in a serving glass.·  Top it with a layer of energy drink.

·  Serve chilled.

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