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Summertime Activities for Children – How to Keep Kids Busy in An Educative and Creative Way

Even if the COVID-19 pandemic were not happening, parents would still have to do months full of research to figure out what kind of activities to do with their kids once summer starts. The pandemic is only making this more challenging, and parents are struggling to find ways to occupy their kids’ time for the following months.

Finding fun activities to do around the house does have its limitations. Parents that are working from home feel even more anxious at the thought of having one or more little humans running through the house while they try to do their jobs, so they need to find a way to keep kids entertained while also contributing to their education.

Most modern parents go above and beyond to find innovative ways to entertain their kids. Still, if you come to think about your summers as a kid, did you really need all these pompous activities? We forget the fact that kids don’t see things the way we do. For most kids, summer equals freedom. They are free to not go to school, free to go to sleep or wake up late, free to play with their friends, and free to get bored if they want to.

Kids don’t need much to be entertained, as long as their curiosity is engaged. This is why you don’t need to go out of your way to schedule a summer full of activities to keep your little ones active. All you need is a bit of creativity and time. This is why we put together this list of fun activities parents can choose for their kids this summer. Some of these ideas may require you to play a part in the game as well, but we guarantee all of them will be fun for both adults and kids.

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Go camping in the woods

Kids love nature and can easily find a lot of things to do in the woods. Get everyone together, pack your bags, get a tent, and go on a family camping trip. Besides learning how to hitch a tent, there are lots of fun activities you can do with the kids. You can watch the stars at night, make a campfire, go hiking, hunt for treasures in the woods, and so much more.

If going in the woods is not possible, you can improvise a camping trip in your backyard. This is a free summer activity you can do at any time if you have a backyard, and the good news is you have a working kitchen and toilet only a few feet away.

Build a garden patch together

If you have a garden and want to teach your kids about nature, why not help them build a garden patch? You can plant vegetables, herbs, flowers, or anything that grows quickly. This will give the kids a sense of satisfaction knowing they planted, cared, and nurtured for the baby plants to grow.

If your kids are too little to be able to plant something, just dress them in some old clothes and let them go wild with a bit of dirt. Try to make the process into a game and teach them how nature needs to be loved and nurtured for the world to be a better place.

Enroll them in a day camp

With social distancing still a very important part of the pandemic recovery process, many parents think children’s camps are entirely closed. While some camps may not allow for an overnight stay, many day caps have opened in order to take the stress off of parents’ minds and give the kids a place to socialize, learn, and have fun.

Many Queens day camps, for example, are ready to receive kids in the best possible conditions, keeping in mind COVID-19 safety recommendations and ensuring all children can enjoy their summer in a safe and protected environment. This is a good opportunity for parents that work from home and need the place for themselves during those long business calls.

Create a scavenging diary

Scavenger hunts are always fun, especially when they are done outside, in nature. However, you can set up this game both indoors and out, and we guarantee it will have the same result. You can play scavenger hunt without a diary, but we think it will serve as a good way for kids to remember their efforts and get something rewarding after this.

The basic purpose of a scavenger hunt is to find hidden stuff by following some smart instructions. You can prepare the diary for the kids, writing down tips on how to find various objects, then leave some room on each page for the kids to stick their findings on. A scavenger hunt around the house will keep the kids engaged even if you don’t have the time to supervise them.

Host a garage sale with them

This is one good way to get the kids to tidy up their rooms and get rid of some stuff they don’t need. Garage sales are very popular in many neighborhoods, and you can engage the kids to help you clean up the entire house if you want to. Make it a fun process, and don’t rush it. After all, kids love games, so if you make this entire thing a game, they will get much more fulfillment out of this.

You can even put together a lemonade stand and sell some lemonade for the neighbors. Then, use the money you earned to do something fun for the entire family.

Explore your hometown like tourists

We are so focused on our daily lives and so used to what’s going on around us that we rarely raise our eyes to truly see our hometown as it is. Kids, on the other hand, are always curious about all that happens around them, so why not borrow some of their curiosity?

Take your kids out and explore the city as if you were tourists. Go to some of the local landmarks, museums, or historical places, eat someplace new, visit a park you never went to –

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