Tackle Exercise Plateaus

“Plateau” is a dreaded fitness word that you do not want to hear particularly if you have been diligently exercising to lose weight. We all experience a plateau at some time or the other. All of a sudden we tend to stop losing weight. Don’t panic when you hit a plateau as it does necessarily mean you have to work harder, all you need to do is break the plateau. As brining in change will make the body respond to the change and make weight loss easier. Here are a few tips to tweak your fitness plan and continue progress.

  • Do not push your workout for an extended period of time allow yourself to rest and take a day or two off from your exercise as this brief vacation from your regular exercise as this will allow the body to repair and tweak your weight loss.
  • Stay away from a structured exercise and instead opt for leisurely walks or attend yoga class to rest and rejuvenates the mind and the body and allows for overworked muscles to rest and rebuild.
  • Get enough sleep as your body will allow time for your muscles to recover from exercise and you will have more energy for the next session.
  • Evaluate how much you are eating. If you find you are often hungry, this is a clear sign you need to eat more to sustain your exercise program. But remember to eat the right kind of food.
  • Vary your workout as a change in the routine. This will surprise the body and force it to adapt, bringing you to new levels of fitness. Therefore, if your regular exercise plan has become a routine such that you do it without thinking, then it’s definitely time for a change. If you are walking then go try biking
  • Changing the time of day that you exercise also helps as the body needs to re-adjust. The easiest way to alter an exercise plan for results is by increasing the amount of time you exercise. Even adding five minutes to your workout will bump up the calories you burn. If you can’t add any more time, then increase the intensity, walk faster, Change the incline add jogging intervals to challenge your current fitness level and weight loss.

DIET TIP – Vitamin C deficiency can slow down the metabolism therefore include strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers, lettuce and leafy greens in your diet.

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