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Tanning And De-Tanning Tips For Your Sun-Kissed Skin!

Rising Temperature and this scorching heat brings in lot of tensions and problems for your skin. And skin tan is the most common amongst them. While a tan may be attractive for some, for others it’s just one of the dreaded hazards of summer. Besides darkening your complexion, it can also harm your skin. It is a process in which skin color gets darkened as a result of sun exposure & ultraviolet light, skin becomes uneven with dark to light patches all over.The sun can do much more damage than simply give you painful sunburn. Tanning, pigmentation, ageing and wrinkles are some of the many harmful factors of the UV rays of Sun. Learn some ways to easily minimize your tan effect and de-tan so you can spend time outdoors safely with these De-tanning tips.

Skin Care Tips for tanning:

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  • One must always apply sunscreen lotion on the face, half an hour before you step out of your home, to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Carry an umbrella or wear a hat to protect yourself, if possible.
  • One should try to avoid going out in the sun between 10 am and 4 pm, since it is the peak time when the sun rays are strong.
  • One must consume plenty of water and eat fruits to keep your skin well-hydrated and clear.
  • Cover your skin with protective clothing and make sure not much of your skin is exposed to sun when you are out.
  • Use talcum in foot with socks & hands with gloves if one travels through 2 wheelers.

De-Tanning Remedies:

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  1. Tomato pulp: The pulp of tomatoes contains lycopene which actually acts as good sun protecting factor. One can apply this pulp on skin & leave for 20 mins to let skin get rid of its tanned layer & then just rinsing with normal water is very good.
  2. Lemon juice has ascorbic acid & has de-tanning effect on the skin. One can use it with glycerine & apply on skin to get de-tanning.
  3. Potato juice also has de-tanning benefits on the skin, one can just use it with a drop of lemon & get good de-tan pack made of it.
  4. Egg white with honey pack: this recipe is excellent for de-tanning the skin & making it firm & tight as well.
  5. Curd & Besan: A very quick & easy recipe to cleanse the skin & remove dead layer & tanning as well. One can use fuller earth as well with some rose water.
  6. If one has an oily skin then in this summer one can apply cucumber juice mixed with curd or milk powder to dodge that tan.
  7. Aloe vera gel with lemon: Aloe Vera gel is found to be best for skin. If applied regularly it shows a positive result in one or two weeks, especially for skin if it is damaged or tanned. It gives a protective layer to the skin and in turn replenishes the skin’s natural moisture.

With these useful tips you can easily step out in sun and enjoy the sunny weather without worrying about brown spots; red, scaly spots; skin darkening or wrinkling.

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