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Teacher’s Day – Remembering The Teachers From Our Learning Days!

Sitting on the first bench and scribbling the notes from the green board into the book, life seemed too difficult. Following every word said by Ma’m, writing down her tips and IMPs, it all seemed sooo quick and difficult to grasp. But, hardly did we know that it is not just the lesson in the class that she is teaching, but is also teaching us how to follow instructions and how to remember them with ease!

School days are the most cherished days of our life! Surrounded by friends, foes and the most important of all, Teachers, school life is a lot about learning, not just from books but also from every experience you have around yourself. You may read the books and become a Doctor or you may follow the instructions and become a better management Guru in future, who knows. All Thanks to our Teachers. So, on this Teacher’s Day, let’s remember all the types of teachers who have contributed in making you the person you are today!


  1. Our Parents

Well, the first teachers of our life… our idles… Our parents! Yes, they teach you how to  walk, how to speak, how to eat and most importantly, teach you how to respect others! So, when we talk about teachers, how can we forget the most important teachers of our life – Our Parents!

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  1. The Easy-going Kindergarden Teacher

We all remember the teacher from our high school, but hardly do we remember the ones who actually taught us how to hold a pencil. The kindergarden teacher, who always had that motherly touch, smiled at us while we must have been cranky for being kept away from our parents, she is the one who taught us how start writing, singing rhymes and doing creative activities.

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  1. The Strict teacher

During school days, there always is one particular teacher who was strict as hell. No smiles, No Hi’s and No Bye’s. Did you do your homework? Why are you not paying attention? And many other questions like these! With her or him coming, you would always straighten up, hide your things and look straight. Well, if you have learned any discipline today, say a little Thank you to her today.

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  1. The not teaching teacher

She always liked being in the class but never taught much, rather choose to discuss varying topics in the class. Well, if you have any little GK, well it’s all due to her. She may not have taught you the books, but surely taught you how to have a knowledge about everything around you.



  1. The Ever-so talented teacher

Did you ever have a teacher who could sing, dance, do creative activities and also teach you lessons from the book? Well, I bet you had. She was the one who taught you all the creative things that you now teach your kids or follow as your favorite hobby.

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  1. The Partial Teacher

Yes… the partial teacher. Well, no matter how good you were, she never counted you as one of her favorites. During our school days, each one of us must have always come across a teacher who was partial for her favorite students. You may not have the best feeling for her, but she did teach you how to not be partial with anyone, all your life.

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first crush

  1. The First Crush Teacher

As students, a lot of youngsters had their first crush on one of their teachers or sirs! You just envied them, felt how good they were in almost everything. May it be teaching, talking, sharing knowledge, or anything, you were complete mesmerized by them.

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