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Teaching Healthy Habits for Children in Pre school Age

Encouraging children to eat homemade food is essential. Since children imitate the elders at home, it is necessary that parents set a good example. They should follow hygienic and good eating habits.

Whatever a child learns in the developing stages will last a lifetime. So, teach them early.

eating foodCatch them young
Eating out or eating foods that are not good for health should be avoided. Explain that homemade food is prepared with high quality ingredients. Give them plenty of fruits and fresh vegetables. Make sure that they eat wholesome meals.

hand washHand wash
The first step towards healthy eating habits would be to tell them about why to hand wash before eating. It is equally important that they wash their hands after eating, going to the toilet or after playing. Using a good hand wash solution is a must to ward off disease causing germs. Explain the importance of cleanliness, when they are toddlers.

playing with childrenOutdoor activities with children
Both children and adults prefer to play video or computer games or watching their favourite TV serials. Plan outdoor activities whenever you can. Encourage your children play outdoor games. They need to remain in a fresh atmosphere for a minimum of thirty – sixty minutes. Take them out for a stroll.

cleaning teethGood and clean teeth
Teach your child to brush her /his teeth two times. Also see that the child learns the right way of using a tooth brush.

sneezingCovering mouth when sneezing
Though Sharing is good, not all things can be shared. Toothbrush, water bottle, hair brushes, napkins and towel are a few personal items that cannot and should not be shared. Using tissues while sneezing or coughing is a must. Covering your mouth and nose with hands is harmful, so tell your child to cover the mouth with the sleeve if she does not have a paper napkin.

Another equally important habit that your child learns is to avoid looking at the water flow out after a toilet flush. The water drops from the commode may harm your child.

Besides all these, tell them that evening meal must be had with the family. This will help family bonding. Reading a food label is an important habit that needs to be taught. Taking your children for regular health checks is yet another vital aspect of healthy habits.

Most of the habits are learnt at home and so, parents see that they set a good example.

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