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Temperament – Blame It On Your Zodiac Sign!

It is obvious that we all feel angry at one or the other point of time. But there are many factors around that indicate the level of your temperament. Similarly, zodiac signs are one of the indications which can specify the amount and the kind of anger you express.

It is very difficult for the Aries to control their anger as they are run by the fire element. They will burst out loud without thinking the consequences. They can be violent and in-disciplined. But at the same time, they are also the first to apologize and they easily forgive as well.

The people who fall under the league of “Taurus” do not get angry easily. The anger builds up at a very slow pace and then one fine day, it erupts like a volcano when the expectations are least. They always believe that they are right and so take a longer time to judge the situations. They are never rash and workout properly. The right thing is, people under this sign are not disruptive but they cannot handle betrayal and they simply cannot forgive easily.

The Gemini are said to be powerful communicators and the worst part of their anger is their tongue. The words they speak would be like a shower of knives coming from all possible ways you can think of. They cannot tolerate any kind of idiotic behavior and can burst out with killing words when angry. They ideally stop talking to you when they are angry and would remain isolated until they are all calm. They argue aggressively and come up with the rational plan.

Cancerians are said to be very sensitive people of all. They can start crying as they feel angry but at the same time, they cannot take things coming to them in an aggressive way. In general, their aggression would always go un-noticed and they are more of passive when dealing with the anger emotion.

The sign itself is an aggressive sign. The Angry Leo are noisy which at one point of time can shake your confidence. Leo when angry are unapologetic and they act very cold and careless. Leo can dominate when angry and can use abusive language.

When the Virgo are angry they suppress their anger within and this can cause health issues in them. They have control over their emotions and they are gentle to deal with. You will hardly see any virgo as the cause of a fight.

Libra before getting angry would always ask for the justification from within. They are never too impulsive. They are polite and charming at the same time. They can easily maintain the balance of peace from within. The expressions are the best example of Libra getting angry. You will literally see their face and eyes turn red.

The Scorpio would like to stay away when they are angry. The reason is they are not afraid but they can be harmful if they face you. Indeed this sign is the most complicated sign among all the zodiac signs.

Sagittarians do not hold grudges, on the other hand they are more of telling things right on your face. They are more of fire balls which do cause harm, but their anger does not last longer.

Capricorns are said to be the most serious among all the signs. They would shout and create a shocking scene you may have never expected when they are angry. They would declare their disappointment. And decide no longer to continue their friendship.

They are basically calm and relaxed by nature. They are calm and do not like to loose control over their balanced emotions. They will ignore you when they are angry. And once the anger is gone, they would confront you with ease.

They are said to be “Hyper-Sensitive”. They are impulsive in nature and anger comes often to them. They act very extreme and can cause harm to themselves. They are extremely sensitive as far as emotions are concerned. The can create a lot of hustle and drama when they are angry.

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