Is “Teri Maa Ki” Becoming a Mainstream Language in India?

Swearing or abusing culture is nothing new in India but seldom does anybody talks or discuss about it in our culture rich country. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an Anti-Indian here who is stating that swearing bad words started from India. This culture exists everywhere in this world.

While the child is at school, especially the boys don’t just learn new academic subjects but they also learn swearing bad words from their classmates or seniors. Some even learn these words from their parents or relatives either from their Dad or any other related Men in the family. A child when caught speaking or swearing such words is scolded, beaten up or grounded without ever explaining what’s wrong with those words.

Personally, I hate swearing bad words or abusing someone and it takes a heart to disclose that being an Indian men I hardly swear bad words or abuse other people. As with most boys, it’s a pride thing or style statement to swear or abuse others whether friends, foes or any other person they know or heard of. I have many friends, mostly males (Yup! There are females too who swear) who have blended these bad words into their language and developed “Teri Maa Ki” or “Teri Behen Ki” as a mainstream language today.

Most of these abusing happens when someone is angry or frustrated. It’s a mere act of taking out their frustration or anger by swearing. It’s fine and a good way rather than getting violent or physical with others. But then, I have one simple question to everyone who swear bad words.

Is it right to involve the mothers or sisters who are not even involved in the fight or conversation by abusingthem?

Often we see that as soon as a fight breaks out between two people, they start calling names to each other which ends in involving each other’s mother and sisters who have no roles to play in the fight and most importantly they are not even aware that they are being dragged into a fight for no reason. Such incidents can be seen on an everyday basis and in almost all the fights whether it’s a road side brawl or a fight between neighbors living in a society or misunderstanding/arguments in a single family itself.

Personally I believe it’s wrong on all levels to involve others especially Mothers and Sisters into a fight and more than that I am against of involving them as an act of disgracing or avenging by disrespecting each other’s Mother or Sister. Women not just in India but globally have faced this unjust for thousands of years.

Most of us consider that the weak links for Men are the Women of his family. Nobody cares about the Woman in question here. The unfortunate or shameful thing is that it doesn’t just stop at swearing alone, many such ill or sick minds go further by taking advantage of riots or events in order to rape the women as an act of revenge. We had such incidents in the past and we have such incidents happening even today.

In a recent event, Tapas Pal – a Trinamool Congress MP gave a hate speech where he declared openly that, “Will ask my boys to rape CPM Women if necessary”.

The only question I have is, what these women did wrong here. If you have any difference with a person, then deal with that person and that person alone. There’s no need to involve the women of his family. Later, the things were tried to falsify and controlled stating that it was just blurted out of anger. So should we accept the fact that if someone’s angry then they get a free license to abuse women?

The thing that worries is that such swearing or abusing on Women especially to Mother or Sister is becoming a casual thing in India and slowly developing as a mainstream language. Swearing or abusing starts with a single personal remark or abuse which later targets the women of the family eventually without us knowing what we are doing. It becomes a habit later on and today’s it a style statement.

Those days are not away when small kids of India start abusing each other’s Mother or Sister as an act of chivalry or pride sensing that it’s casual and everyone does that.

Finally to all men out there who abuse or swear a lot, if it helps take out your frustration or anger then cool. Nobody is stopping you. But, please stop involving the Women of the family out of your personal brawls or fights if you consider yourself a Real Man!

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