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That Is How Eggs Can Help Us To Fight Fat!

Everyone wants to stay fit and look perfect! And to achieve this main aim of ours, we push our body to its peak, following perhaps any and every diet trick mentioned to us. Believe it or not, even eggs helps us a lot in fighting fat and staying lean! But, before you start with a diet for weight loss, let’s first see some basic fat loss diet rules! And as recommended, give yourself some time to lose the fat.

  1. If you are losing more than a kg per week then you are probably losing muscle as well as fat
  2. Lower your caloric intake until you begin to notice weight loss. Stay at this level as long as you continue to lose weight. Don’t make it severe.
  3. Don’t make it extreme than recommended. Here, at least 1gm of protein per kg of body weight, low fat and reduce carbs as much as possible without going into Ketosis.
  4. Metabolize additional calories with aerobic exercise; start out slowly with 30 minutes per day & build up to max 45-60 mins 4-5 days per week.
  5. Take vitamin & mineral supplements to ensure adequate nutrition.
  6. Eat fresh food whenever you can.

Now where do eggs feature or fit into all of this?

Eggs are a very important part of a fat loss program as they are filled with nutrients and have low calories.

Energy Facts of Eggs:

Whole Egg: Energy 85 KCals, Carbs: 0gm, Protein: 6.7Gm, Fat: 6.7Gm

Egg white: Energy 15 KCals, Carbs: 0gm, Protein: 3.6Gm, Fat: 0Gm

Nutrient wise: Vitamin B12(egg yellow), Calcium, Amino acids

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– One egg weights around 40Gm. This can be served along with cereal or pulses to improve the quality of protein (Especially those not eating meat).

– Eggs have one of the highest biological value protein (94 – Whey is 100), easily available and cheaper to other marketed proteins and the yellow part of the egg is packed with dense nutrients.

– Most of our diet consumed daily doesn’t have adequate protein – Males need at least 1Gm per kg body weight, Females: 0.8Gm per kg body weight.

– One egg yellow per day makes up for the required cholesterol among other nutrients. The Daily requirement of cholesterol per day is around 325mg. One egg yellow contains around 250-275 mg of cholesterol so the rest can be attained through other fat sources. Suggestion is don’t have more than one egg yellow per day (adults). If you are already suffering from high cholesterol levels then avoid the egg yellow.

– Making it part of your fat loss program, especially the egg whites, gives you more nutrition in lesser calories.

– Calculating the daily recommended protein intake as per your body weight and including egg whites as a part of the protein intake amongst other proteins will certainly help your body composition by bettering the lean body mass to fat ratio.

– The more protein you have (as per RDA), the more muscle mass you build or tone, (along with exercise) and the more fat you lose. And eggs play a very important role in this.

– Eggs are also a good source of calcium and along with helping you build muscle, they will help you make your bones stronger too.

– Start your breakfast with one whole egg (if your cholesterol is normal), apart from your carbohydrates (oats, cereals etc.) and fiber (fruit), and you can add egg whites too as per advise.

– Always remember have your proteins along with carbs and fiber as the protein part will go into building muscle and formation of metabolic enzymes, whereas the carbs will be used to replenish energy expenses. If you only have proteins then those won’t be used in muscle building but instead will be used towards energy.

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– So in your post workout meal if you are having egg whites – combine them with a toasted slice of multigrain bread or some oats. So that egg will be used for building and repairing the broken down tissues and the carbs will be used to replenish the spent energy as well as add to the energy required thru the day.

– Even using egg whites for dinner along with some carbs (multigrain bread or other fibrous breads/chapatti/roti- 1-2) and fiber(salads here) as a part of your eve fat loss meal ,will be filling as well keep the overnight sugar in check and the carbs will avoid the early morning hypoglycemia.

– If you are body builder then using egg whites along with other protein sources as per the protein RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance), will help keep the body fat percentage low, along with building muscle.

– To keep the calories low in your fat loss program, use eggs/egg whites in the boiled form. To make them tastier u can add a bit of pepper (avoid salt), Also alternately u can make an omelet using veggies like chopped tomatoes ,broccoli etc. and use 1-tsp Olive oil ,on a non-stick pan. You can even poach the egg whites.

An Egg a day will also keep your child healthy.

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