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The Best Way to Style White Shirts for Men

Pristine, versatile, and timeless—perhaps the most appropriate set of words to describe white shirts. Regarded as a symbol of prosperity and status, white has for long been a premium choice. However, looking at the immense popularity of white shirts today, you’ll have to style them in a way that makes you look different from the rest. 

In this article, we give you some of the best ways to style white shirts for men. To keep things simple, we start the styling guide with bottoms and gradually introduce other elements that can help you style with sophistication. 

Jeans: One of the oldest combinations that still works like a charm. Pair your stylish white shirt with a dark coloured skinny fit or a more refined tapered indigo to complete the classic yet trendy look. The details are very important, and it starts with choosing the right fit. For a simple wardrobe upgrade, a casual white shirt would do the job. We would recommend you go for a button-down collar. It will help the designer white shirt fit right across the shoulders and stop the collar from moving too much around your neck. 

Shorts: This is as relaxed and light as it can get. An ultra-breathable white linen shirt paired with a pair of cotton shorts. A comfortable delight to sport during the warm seasons. Again, experimenting is key. Try a short sleeve or a mandarin collar to customize your look for that visit to the bar or a stroll on the beach. 

Suit: You can find it hard to keep yourself away from picking a white shirt when suiting up. However, with the number of white shirts for men in the market, finding the right one can seem overwhelming. Some key decisions can help you make the right call. The first decision you need to make is of the cut you need. This could be straight, wide, or curved. Next, find a good collar and cuff. We would recommend the French cuff coupled with a semi-cutaway collar. 

Linen trousers: While shirts and trousers might sound like its overdone, adding a stylish white shirt to the look can turn things around. Style a white oxford shirt with linen trousers to elevate your style on a routine workday. Something as simple as a white shirt leaves countless opportunities for experimenting with the trouser designs. Try striped or print linen trousers for a punch of uniqueness to an otherwise ordinary look. 

Taking a Step Forth

An outfit is incomplete without the right pair of shoes. However, the decision here would depend entirely on where you’re heading. Off to a dinner party? We would recommend you pair your white shirt with blue linen trousers and a pair of classic white sneakers. For those of you who wish to explore the fancy side of things can experiment with a pair of suede loafers. 

The Purchase Decision

The market is open to a wide variety of white shirts for men, with almost every other brand having its own range on display. With something that is a staple part of the wardrobe for any man, the decision of buying a white shirt should be supplied with the right research. We would advise you to search the web for the finest fashion brands and choose one that is known for its quality. Andamen has established itself as the perfect wardrobe companion for modern Indian men. Their range of premium shirts consciously elevates your style through responsible fashion. 

So, style your white shirts right and build an outfit that is timeless and elevates your confidence every time you step out!

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