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The Dark Night Of Kali Chaudas – Myths, Sacrifices And Supernatural Powers

Kali chaudas… the name says it all! Have you seen small pots covered with red cloth, some fruits, water and a black doll placed on the cross roads near your home? If you haven’t witnessed this, you will get to see them across the city and towns in the country on the night of Kali chaudas. It is the night when Maa Mahakali is worshipped for her divinity and strength by people across the country. But, amidst this festival celebration, there remains an unspoken myth of its darker side which remains confined only in places like crematories or secluded forests.

Crematories are one of the scariest places one can imagine going. The home of dead which is otherwise the most secluded area. But on the night of Kali chaudas, it comes alive with tantriks or the dark priests doing rituals to gain supernatural powers by reawakening the spirits of the dark world to fulfill their desires. It is also the night when exorcisms are planned to free the possessed from the clutches of demonic powers. But, while we talk about the good world and the dark world, one question constantly nags our minds, asking us if we really believe in the theory of evil and good?

Believe it or not, there does exist supreme powers which are either good or bad. We please the gods by worshiping them, offering them prayers and doing good deeds. Similarly, there are people who please the demonic powers by offering them sacrifices which can vary from simple food like khichdi or vegetables to goat lungs and sometimes their own body parts. However, black magic and witch craft are not the only reason for people to worship Goddess Kali. There are priests who worship the goddess for powers that they use for curing people of their health problems. Above all, Kali Chaudas despite of being the dark Night, it also has the divinity in it in the form of Maa Kali’s blessings. So, this Kali Cahudas pray to Goddess Kali for strength and fighting evil with a good soul, and not thinking of its darker side.

But, a word of advice, Stay Safe and Avoid crossing the voodoo dolls placed on the crossroads. J Happy Kali cahudas!!!

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