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Back in 1996, she was like every other women, too much occupied with her office routine, finishing her interior designing assignment for Gurgaon’s first corporate building. While giving the mammoth task a helping end, she thought about ways to create a much needed balance between professional profile and the side activities of office giving her life a little personal time?

Ritu, was constantly been bothered about this for days. While she used to wonder about an easy way to get things simpler, these three questions boggled her mind:

If I am struggling with this problem, then surely most of the other employees must be facing similar too?

Why haven’t the companies thought about any solutions?

Actually, what is the solution?

That’s it! These thoughts churned her mind which ultimately resulted in forcing Ms. Grover to provide a one stop facility for every company. Thus, she came up with ‘The Global Helpdesk (TGH)’. It wasn’t an easy task for her. As it was an unique concept, it became more challenging for Ms. Ritu to convince the company management. Wherever she knocked the door with her proposal, questions were raised: “Why should we spend any money in letting you do our job which we ourselves do with employees assistance?”, “what kind of work life balance for the employees of our organisation? We cannot take any added burden on the company’s budget for no reason at all.”

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Ms. Ritu Grover was repeatedly rejected by various companies, but her determination to unleash her dream wasn’t dejected. She worked hard on her dream of pioneering the concept of concierge services in India. It took over two years of constant follow ups in juggling her ongoing interiors profession, meeting prospective clients and to convince them to believe in her vision and ideas. By fighting against all odds, believing in her vision, Ms. Grover remained an epitome of strength, calmness and steadfast work ethic.

To make it look workable, she executed a dream of small team with a strong mission and began a never ending struggle to become the best in the industry. In 1998, Ms.Grover opened her company officially, which is now the largest and well-known brand in the facility management industry, The Global Help desk (TGH).

She was so determined to complete her dream, that her “Never To Give Up Attitude” expanded TGH from a small unit of 5 members to a PAN India organization of 450 employees! Recently the company is awarded as ‘Best Facility Management Company’ in India by MGM Worldwide, an organization of top Facility Managers, from across India. Such is her great deal of endurance. Today, the company has TATA, Vodafone, Airtel, HCL, Hotel Leela, Alstom, NIIT and many other giants in its client lists. It’s the ‘Yes, We Can’ bond that has expanded the team in 10 Indian cities and the undisputed leader is Ms. Ritu Grover.


Today, TGH has diversified into an integrated facility management organisation on a very big scale and offers both hard and soft services including Automated mailroom management, Front office management, Event Management, Rewards & Recognition, Real estate Management, Printing solutions, Tours and travels, FRRO services, Relocations etc.

It’s not just her determined values, there is also another facet of Ms Grover, which is her association with plethora of NGOs. Ms Grover has constantly used TGH as a platform to promote various NGOs and allowed them to promote themselves on a corporate platform, thereby increasing awareness about them and flourish them on a larger scale. She has been actively donating towards various social causes, which speaks volumes about her rooted humanitarian side.

Such is her power, her iron packed tenacity, endurance and adherence to what she wanted to do. Today, she is an undisputed ace in providing concierge services. If she can, why can’t you? Dig into your dreams and find what you love to do the most? Work on it and work on it and see where it takes you. Buckle up ladies!

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