The Mango Diet!

Mango – ‘The Fruit of India’ is nature’s treat for Summers!

This tropical & stringy fruit is not only enjoyed for its taste and versatility but it’s also a complete nutritional package. Intake of seasonal fruits has always been linked to reduced-risk of lifestyle diseases. Anyone wanting to lose weight would be sweet on mangoes and why not?

Wonder what Nutritive Values this ‘fleshy fruit’ has to offer?

Mangoes are rich in nutrients. It is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also contains traces of magnesium, manganese, selenium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus which play a vital role in the body.


A half cup of sliced mango contains about 50 calories, making it a perfect choice for weight-loss diet. To drop unwanted pounds, you must burn more calories than you eat. Adding food stuffs low in calories allows you to fill your stomach without hampering your weight-loss goals. Mangoes are a good choice as they have high water content which gives satiety and fewer calories per serving.


Fiber is a nutrient that brings bulk to your stomach, making you feel fuller even with small amount of calories. Mangoes hold a trivial quantity of fiber, about 1 g per 1/2 cup sliced. Eating foods that contain fiber help you control your appetite as fiber digests gradually, which means you don’t get hungry as quickly as you would when eating foods that don’t have fiber. Mango isn’t a high-fiber food, but when eaten along with other fiber-containing foods, you create a filling and low-calorie meal that makes weight loss more likely.

Do Mangoes Make You Gain Weight?

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It’s mango season, so let’s find out-

The fundamental to losing weight is to burn off more calories than you consume and also to consume nutrient dense foods that will help you to stay feeling full and thus satisfied. This is where eating a mango for reducing weight comes in.

So, what’s in a mango- calorie, nutrition, health benefits?

Nutrition analysis of mangoes – It gets the entire sweet flavor from its complex carbohydrate content, Sucrose. Per 100 gms of mangos, there are about 14 gms of carbohydrates.

There is almost no fat or protein content in mango. It offers you with more than your daily requirements of Vit C and Vit A. It also contains fiber, magnesium, iron and antioxidants. So, as you can see mango is overall a nutritious fruit, and like most fruits is low fat and cholesterol free! The glycemic index of mango ranges between 41-60, which is low. So, mango does not have any significant effect in increased blood sugar levels thus does not promote fat storage. Due to the medium glycemic index, mangoes are also okay for diabetics.

So, does eating mangoes promote fat gain? No, mangoes do not promote weight gain. What can promote weight gain are sugar loaded mango drinks like, Frooti, Slice, etc.

What Health Benefits Do They Offer?

If you’re limiting your calorie intake, eating concentrated sources of nutrients makes sense which mangoes do deliver. Mangoes are one of the top beta-carotene providers you can eat which makes it a superior source of the same. The fruit is also rich in another carotenoid called lycopene, which is a potent antioxidant. Consuming large amounts of this antioxidant has been associated to a reduced risk of some forms of cancers.

Just one mango provides almost an entire day’s worth of vitamin C. Unlike many other fruits, mangoes contribute several vitamins such as vitamin B and minerals like calcium and magnesium

  • Aids in digestion
  • Fights sugar cravings
  • Contributes in weight loss
  • Boosts Immune system
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Prevents Cancer, Heart diseases & Asthma
  • Good for skin and hair

Aam or Aamras?

It’s better to opt for the fruit than its juice. Mango juice does not offer the same nutritional benefits as Mango does as it would not contain fiber & many other nutrients. Eating a fresh diced mango would make you feel any day more satiated. If Aamras is really craved for, it can be prepared at home with no sugar. Avoid purchasing from outside as they contain a lot of sugar and preservatives.

How can you incorporate Mango in your diet?

This flavorful fruit can add its sweetness to various dishes and lift their taste. To name a few:

  • Low Cal mango smoothie
  • Mango Salsa
  • Mango Yogurt
  • Mango sorbet

Mangoes are a rage in the Indian summer that people might be overdosing. Do bear in mind that merely eating mango for weight loss by itself will not help to shed those unwanted pounds. A healthy and nutritious diet with other low calorie foods should also be followed and an exercise routine should be implemented as well.

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