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The New Nail Art Trend – Mirror Nails

What stands out in a runway? The costume, the glitter, the tan, no it’s the mirror! Yes, it is the mirror effect doing the talk on the nails as the most in-thing worn in fashion meets and evening soirees.

Mirror nail polish happens to add a touch of class and haute couture to your nails. And it is super easy to apply. Just needs two coats to get full opacity and there you are flaunting them to claps and kisses.


One of the most important things to remember in case of mirror nail polish is the right method of application on your nails. Well it should be done in a sophisticated and artistic manner. Yes, there are beauticians and nail artists to do this for you since they are experts in this. But there is no harm in learning and doing the same task on your own. All you will have to put in is a bit of time and attention.

Mirror nail polish looks best when applied onto the bare nail. Base-coat is a No-No, since it ends up leaving streaking or bald patches.

How does it look when first applied? Looks a proper metallic or chrome shade, so much so that you can swoon over it no end! But when it dries up, the brushstrokes vanish off leading to an aluminium foil like semi-reflective surface. Sounds cool!

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Nail Surface Imperfections

No matter how happy and privileged you might feel on applying a mirror nail polish shade, there are imperfections in it that appear on your nail surface. These imperfections can be in the form of dents, dings, chips or splitting. In order to avoid it, try using a nail buffing block so that you can even out the flaws before applying the mirror nail coat.

Here are a few mirror nail enamels which you can buy it at a cosmetic store or grab it online:

mirror nail polish 2

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Layla Mirror Effect Nail Polish

Let your manicure exude the ultimate mirror effect with mirror nail polish from Layla. This is one brand that makes it’s presence felt through 8 mirror nails polish shades – Metal Chrome, Cosmo Lilac, Pink Iron, Titanium Sky, Purple Diva, Red Hat, Metal Plum, and Black As Ebony. No wonder your nails will look smooth, glossy and an absolute charm when you wear it. Once you choose the shade, first apply a base coat so that it helps you get the maximum impact and results.

mirror nail polish layla

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Essie Mirror Metallics Look

This brand has been a huge hit considering its 5 metallic mirror nail polish shades: Blue Rhapsody (silvery blue), Good as Gold, No Place Like Chrome (silver), Nothing Else Metals (silvery lilac), Petty talk (copper). Whichever nail polish shade you choose from Essie, do apply a matte top coat first which soothes out the nail and then put a metallic polish.

mirror nail polish essie

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Maybelline Mirrored Nail Sticker

Check out the Maybelline mirror nail wraps. They give the smoothest and most reflective mirror nail effect. Such is the impact that it virtually ‘glows’ in the dark.mirror nail polish maybelline

Image Courtesy: http://bit.ly/1QMfPEQ

So, if you want to bring in a distinctive edge to a simple outfit of yours, go for mirror nail polish. It will shine you through in the best way it can.

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