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The New Workouts In Town!

Are you bored of hearing about the same old routines? Gym, Aerobics, running, and xyz regimes, all make you look for the refresh button? Then there is reason to rejoice. New forms of working out and getting fit are taking over the world. The world of fitness is always re-inventing itself to find the new perfect routine that engages the body and the mind. The good news is that besides the amazingly popular Zumba Fitness(which you should definitely try in case you haven’t yet), there are also routines such as Insanity, Masala Bhangra and Boot Camp waiting to be tried out.


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Insanity is a workout that became popular in the USA, designed by Shaun T and his team at Beachbody.com. It is a 60 day intensive workout plan which promises to give you the body of your dreams. Long legs, ripped stomach, strong arms can now be reality. The workout videos are designed in such a way that you develop a relationship with the instructor and it feels quite natural practicing it at home. You need to take care of your diet for better results. A committed approach is important as well.  You may want to quit many times during the 2 months, but remember that a healthier and fitter body awaits at the end of the session. The workout varies from cardio to strength based exercises and uses your own body weight as resistance; no extra equipment is required during the sessions. There is 3-5 minutes of intense exercise followed by a 30 second break. The idea is to keep your heart rate at the maximum level for the duration of the session. The results are guaranteed at the end of the hard work, so Insanity may just be your new way of life.

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Masala Bhangra

If you want to stick to familiar territory and still try something new, then Masala Bhangra is a good option. Created by Sarina Jain as a tribute to her Indian roots, the workout is a cardio intensive session that works on your whole body. The routine incorporates signature bhangra moves and most importantly the energy that is associated with the dance. It is a fun session with lots of energy and dancing. The aim is to work your entire body and still not feel exhausted; the fun dancing takes care of all of that. It is also inspired by elements of Bollywood, so be sure to be grooving to all the latest tunes during the class. The main motive to develop this routine was to inspire people to be physically fit and all the Indian elements only make it easier to do so. Look up the Masala Bhangra class next to you, shout ‘oi hoi’ and begin your healthy journey.


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The other workout for people who want to exercise at home and do not like music or other distractions is the Bootcamp workout. It is inspired by military routines including lunges, crunches, squats, butt kicks and pushups. The videos are a series of multiple exercises interspersed with short breaks. This workout is also designed to elevate the heart rate and keep it there for the next half hour. The routine works on the entire body and also works on building muscle mass. This is an intense workout and helps tone your entire body.

These are the new routines in the world of fitness, so pick one and get going. I’ll see you on the fitter side.

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