The Panty Revolution – Say No To Pads And Tampons With THINX!!

Leaky periods No More! Can you imagine feeling comfortable, dry and Non-leaky on your periods days? Well, I bet you can, Now! When it comes to periods, we all have our list of stories and experiences related to sudden periods, leakages and its related uncomfort. Be it PADS or TAMPONS, neither of them sounds good to us. This is the time when we all think of a CHANGE, a change that is easy and comfortable at the same time.

Soon arriving are the much talked about THINX panties, a revolutionary lingerie item that is better than tampons and pads. They are comfortable, easy to wear and washable and hygienic. So, are you still worried about your periods?

thinx panties

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The THINX Panties are like our regular wear panties which we wear everyday, except the fact that these THINX panties have pads inside that absorb the menstrual blood. Here is an insight about the unique features of these panties and how they will help making menstruation an easier time for women.

As Comfortable as Regular Panties
This powerful undergarment has four thin layers – The first layer is a layer which removes the moisture. The second layer is the Anti-bacterial layer. The third layer of the pad holds the leakage and the forth layer is the leak resistant layer which ensures you don’t leak. This can save you from leakage, especially when you are wearing your Favorite White Outfit.


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Machine Washable
The best part of these panties is that they can be machine washed. What you have to do is just rinse it initially with water and then you can put them in the washing machine.

Highly Functional
These panties have a very practical aspect. You can always wash them and use it again. This can save upon your money and are designed keeping hygiene in mind. So, along with being economic, they are also hygienic.

A Fashion Wear
These panties are as fancy as your regular panties. Indeed, its fashionable and designed by keeping in mind all the requirements as far as the CHOICE of panties are concerned in a woman.


There are 3 variants available namely:

The Thong THINX panties – It is designed for the initial or last days of your menstruation, when your Menstrual Flow is LIGHT.

The Cheeky THINX panties – It is designed for the days with MEDIUM Menstrual Flow.

The Hiphugger THINX panties – Designed especially for the Heavy Menstrual Flow days.

So, now you have many reasons to make your menstrual days worry free. Have a happy period with all the comfort and the CHANGE that you always wished. Thanks to THINX!!

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