Cursed - Menstrual Myth

The Period Man – Efforts of a Man to Break Myths Related to Periods!

I am CURSED – she said! How can a little girl be cursed? Is getting into your periods means being cursed? And why are girls in periods stopped from going to school?

The country we live in, Yes, our very own cultural country where Goddesses are worshiped but on the other hand, raped and forced into staying in the darkness, prevails several myths which women in particular are forced to follow! One such myth is the Menstrual Curse which stops a girl child from going to school! And yes, there are hundreds if not millions of people who follow this myth blindly.

Meet Pravin Nikam, the Period Man who has taken up the responsibility on him to shatter such ridiculous myths and enlighten the lives of innocent little girls who have big dreams in their eyes. Although a man, Nikam started educating people in the rurals about menstruation and how it is a boon rather than a curse. His journey and efforts are worth all our praises. Wishing him more strength from us and everyone around!

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