The Public Transport Services OR The Place Of Molestation?

Today and since ages, people have been using public transport facilities as a source of commuting. But, when we talk of commuting or transportation, women instantly think of perverts who rub their crotch on your back, put their hands on your waist and simply say sorry…. ‘Galati se lag gaya’ while you know they do it purposely, just to feel you. Public Transportation Services are no longer considered as the safe sources of transportation. You may have seen videos of men being slapped and beaten up by women passengers for molesting girls in buses, taxis and trains. Adding to the conditions, the Delhi Gang rape case proved that women are no longer safe in Public Transport Services no matter whether you are in Delhi, Chennai or Mumbai. As a result, women now prefer traveling in their own vehicles.

The Metro Services
People consider the metros to be the safest but at times it so happens that such metro stations and metro transport trains become a place for molestation. People travelling together, male and female becomes a horrible affair. Ritika Tiwari: A student of arts travels through the metro in Delhi say’s: I have had a severe experience while I used to travel in the metro. Once by mistake, I landed into a compartment of males when I was new to the metro services. I stood to the Corner and may be that was the worst decision made in my life. A male standing next to me tried to touch my private body parts and I was suffocated and did not know “How To React”. That Night I could Not Sleep. I hardly had guts to share it with someone. But today I have become wise and would not tolerate such nasty acts by men. Even if I travel and by mistake land into the men compartment, I assure to be safe”.

The Local Trains
We all know the local trains in the cosmopolitan cities is also one of the best means of transport but at the same time, the worst place to get molested. People day in and day out, travel by trains. Ladies and young girls commute for the purpose of work and education. But trains are also “famous place” to get molested. At time it so happens that trains being the cheapest mode of traveling, the innocent girls gets molested by drunken men. Sunita Vyas (a housewife) says: You are always trained and advised by other women like mothers and aunts to keep yourself safe but when it literally happened I just “Froze”. It is true that you are always in hustle and such things make you blank but it’s high time to keep mum. Raise your voice towards such dirty acts.”

The Local Taxis
The local taxis are again one of the worst places to get molested and you hardly have choice to rush or run. People squeeze you and sit on your legs purposely or touch your body tightly. This is certainly disgusting. Sharing taxis is equally a horrifying experience to encounter. Sheetal Vora (a working woman) says: “I felt disgusting to confront a disgusting act in the sharing taxi while I was back from work. I could not stand the act and instantly slapped and I was lucky enough to find people who helped me to make the molester cry and apologize.”

The Local Bus Services
Be it sitting or standing in the local bus services, it is a very clumsy place altogether. People would always like to dance on the chance; and here the matter of age does not exist. Man just wants a chance to explore and touch the female body. Preeti Sinha (Middle aged home-maker Rohtak) said: “I was standing in the local bus as I did not manage to get a place to sit. I saw a hand coming from the side ways and touching my Private parts. It was a shocking act that was done by a young guy. People witnessed this and I made it sure that he had a tough time that he would not dare to do it again to any lady in his life”.

With these said, the freedom of women in India remains a question. We are free but we are not free to travel in public transport services. A shame to our country!

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