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They Deserve To Be Wished Too! – Happy Men’s Day

A very well known Hindi saying goes like this-

“Do pahiye se gaadi chalti hai”

True, I must say! If one wheel goes missing, the ‘gaadi’ (motorcycle) would lose its balance, won’t go ahead or meet with a sudden accident. Same is true for the world without men or women. Both of them complement each other. Absence of one would breach the life of the other.

A lady bears child only with the contribution of her man (in the case of natural pregnancy, thanks to science for the other forms). The biological processes also give us a message to be equal. A new life is born only when the sperm from male meets with the gamete (egg cell) of a female. Absence of one would fail to produce your progeny.

On the eve of International Men’s Day, Yes! You have got that correct! Today, 19 November is International Men’s Day and that, they can also cry for equality and justice. The theme for this day 2014 is- “Working together for men and boys”.

Let’s together fight the problem of short life expectancy of men, violence against men, the high suicide rates of this gender and the challenges faced by a father of his relation with his children.

It’s their day and they deserve to be wished too! Their achievements and contributions to our society need to be applauded.

A very Happy International Men’s Day!

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