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Things To Keep In Mind When You Build Your Residential House!

Building a new house is an opportunity to meet your ideas and requirements. However, building your dream house from scratch is an arduous task especially when it comes to pricing. Having prior knowledge of the cost of construction is the right approach to build a new house. Here is a birds-eye view on estimating the cost of construction.

Costing of the house mainly depends on the features of the plan, elevation, plot area, height of the building and the materials used to finish. The cost is always proportional to the quality of the materials used. Depending upon the quality of the materials used in the frame structure and the finishes, the cost can be estimated. Low cost can be achieved by compromising on the quality of the materials used. As you go for the high-end products, the cost gets increased

For instance, let’s consider a standard plot of 30X40 size, covering an area of 1200 Sq. Ft. Considering the setbacks, the built-up area on the ground floor comes up to 1056 Sq. Ft. User requirements are to build a house with basic requirements, sump, overhead tank, rainwater harvesting etc. Now the following prices can be derived by using the different type of materials.

For a basic house using,

Steel: Sunvik, Kamdhenu

Cement: Zuari, Dalmia (53 grade)

Flooring: Flooring tiles of 40 rupees per Sft

Doors and windows: Low-cost flush doors and Aluminium windows

Railings and Grills: Using MS railings and grills

Pricing can be fixed as 1500/ Sft

So, for 1056 Sft it will cost up to 1584000.

For a high-end house with high-quality materials such as,

Steel: JSW

Cement: ACC (53 grade)

Flooring: Flooring tiles/granite/marble of 140 rupees per SFT

Doors and windows: Burma teakwood doors and windows

Railings and Grills: Using SS railing and glass elevations

Pricing would be 2100/Sft

So, for 1056 Sft it cost up to 2217600 rupees.

The cost of the building is depending upon the features it has. Generally, we can break the cost of construction as,

Foundation – 10.2%

External Walls – 15.77%

Roof – 11.6%

Upper Floor – 2.53%

Stairs – 0.99%

Windows and External Doors – 8.42%

Internal Partition – 2.66%

Internal Doors – 2.75%

Floor Finishes – 4.53%

Wall Finishes – 8.4%

Ceiling Finishes – 2.9%

Built-in Cupboard – 3.55%

Kitchen Fittings – 7.06%

Sanitary Fittings – 5.73%

Waste Pipes – 0.84%

Electrical – 4.97%

Approvals and Deposits: 2.96%

Water and Borewell: 1.09%

One can also use the bangalore house construction cost calculator to calculate the cost.

It is always advised to collaborate with good House Construction Company who would take up this pain of estimating the cost for you. Also preferred to develop a specification which offers a detailed list of the quality of the materials used and the price applicable. Brick& is one of the leadings and the first tech-enabled company which provides this service. The specifications are transparent, and the process is hassle-free. Since house construction is the dream of many, it is better to go with trusted people like Brick&Bolt who will help from estimating the cost till the possession of the house.

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