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Few Things That Need To Stop In An Indian Wedding

Even during “ultra-modern” days we become “ultra-traditional” when it comes to wedding preparations and the rituals to be followed. Apathy is we don’t even know reasons behind it. Here are few of them which we should stop following.

  • Salankrut Kanyadan
    Here the bride’s father gives her off with all her jewellery to the grooms family, pleads to them to treat her well. Well, this is a just another way of a sugar coating the act of giving dowry.
  • Big Fat Indian Weddings
    Palace wedding
    Even the so called ultra modern females and males become hardcore traditional brides and grooms when it comes to wedding. They want to wear heavy jewellery and expensive dresses which are practically have no use after the wedding. This is an act of waste of money; instead donate that amount to the NGO’s.
  • Washing groom’s feet
    groom feet being washed
    These are the days of equality we say, but inequality is highlighted mostly during our weddings. It has been a long lived tradition that bride’s father and mother wash groom’s feet.
  • Dowry
    This word may sound ancient to you, but no! the practice of giving dowry still prevails in many parts of our country, and still news like dowry deaths can be read in our news papers. Like said in previous point of salankrut kanyadan, we have different ways to sugar coat the word.
  • Periods during wedding day
    real indian bride
    In our country periods have been a huge taboo, and in many communities menstruating woman is shunned, and she cannot do any holy tasks. A period is a natural phenomenon, why term it to something unclean?
  • Being a Manglik
    This is even a bigger taboo than menstruation. If a bride is Manglik then she ought to bring some bad luck to groom or his family, and therefore she is wed to some tree before the groom! Sounds weird, but unfortunately it is true.

These traditions are stricter toward the bride’s side. We talk about equality but we practice none, we talk of progress but we don’t want even an ounce of change in us, these are simple things which will lead us to progress.

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