Bachelorette Party Tips

Tips For Planning The Best Bachelorette

It’s your friend’s wedding and you haven’t planned for the bachelorette yet? Well before it gets too late, we are here to the rescue! Given below we have listed some tips that will be extremely productive while planning the most memorable event of your friend’s life.

1.  The Bride’s Approval

The wedding is all about the Bride and the Groom, but the bachelorette is solely for the Bride. There is no splitting of attention into two, and therefore, it strictly has to be everything that the bride has always wanted. Acquaint yourself with all what she expects from this party. Ask her if she wants a club-hopping night, a theme party or a slumber party?  If she wants to get wasted or chit chat throughout the night? And the question of concern, If she wants strippers or not?

Keeping aside the surprise elements, the bride deserves to know every aspect of her upcoming bachelorette. Be it the guest list, the venue or the menu, take her approval at every step of the planning.

2. The Budget

As a planner, your first task is to determine the budget of the entire affair. You don’t need to go under debt for planning your Best Friend’s bachelorette, you just need to be smart enough to get things done without ending up in a debt trap. Avoid those awkward conversations about splitting money by simply collecting the money in the beginning. Decide a budget, pool in some money and spend accordingly. If post-event you end up with some money left, return it.

In order to keep a track of every expenditure, you can create a google sheet and add all the members in the sheet. It’s the best way to leave no room for any confusion or doubt.

3.  The Plan and the Planning

If you are the one taking charge of your BFF’s bachelorette, make sure you talk to 2-3 friends to make sure that the things you do are liked by all the people. Sharing the planning load can be really helpful.

A successful bachelorette must be planned 3-4 months in advance. The Date, Time, Venue must be decided long before in order to avoid any hassle in the end. At this step, you can conduct a little poll to make sure that all the potential guests are comfortable with the plan.

Once these three important things are decided, you can proceed with the other details of the party.

The next important thing is the ‘Details’. For that, it is advisable to create a checklist to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything important. Make a list of everything that is necessary for the party, even if it is a thing as obvious as the menu. It is always advisable to outsource things than doing them yourself. Thanks to technology you can order everything online. For instance, you may order the cake from India Cakes. It’s a cake delivery service in India that delivers cakes in every state 24*7.

4. Don’t go OTT

When you start planning with all your head and heart, it gets really difficult to determine where to stop and this leads to overdoing of things. To avoid such circumstances, make sure you take suggestions from the rest of the task force.

Not always it’s a good idea to keep track of a little everything, leaving some room for spontaneity heightens the thrill. That’s why do not choke your schedule with multiple activities as a bachelorette is not all about vodka shots and games. It’s primarily an excuse to figure some time from the hectic lives and spending time with friends just like the good old days. Allow the guests a sufficient amount of time to meet and greet each other. Let them have their chill plans as well.

5. Have a backup plan

No matter how diligently you create the plan, never rely on it entirely. There might be a situation when a bunch of people might back out, or something or the other doesn’t work out. In such a case, the bride will surely feel devastated. Now it becomes your duty to remain calm, switch your gears, and think of the best alternative possible.

6. Fun Games and Funky Decorations

You cannot imagine a fun bachelorette without some eye-catching decor and exciting games. Don’t forget to include these two things at the party, and they will add life to it. The decorations mainly include colorful props for some memorable photos, balloons, and objects resonating as phallic symbols. You can order them online, saving your time and effort strolling in the market.

For the games, you may take help from Google and customize the games as per your needs. Two or three smartly constructed games would be enough to spice up the night.

7. Don’t Forget the Groom

Meanwhile, all the fun and frolic rushes into the party; you aren’t supposed to ignore the groom for he is omnipresent. After all, his union with your best friend is the reason you are celebrating. Indulge him in, via call or message for some time. Asks questions about his would-be-wife and watch her going all red while hearing the conversation!

A Bachelorette is a semi-formal occasion; there is no streamlined pattern of organizing it. You need to preplan things keeping the necessary things on point. The purpose of this article was to make sure that the party doesn’t fall flat, we hope we catered you adequately!

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