Tips To A Well-Dressed Bed – Enjoying A Luxury Bed At Home!

I am a hotel junkie. And while I was growing up, my interest in how my room looks was little. But, as I grew older and of course as I started my career in textiles, I more and more disliked the sloppy sleeping quarters. It gives me immense comfort to come to a perfectly made bed at the end of the day.

Here are some tips for a well-dressed bed:



1. Choose a platform bed for your room
A platform bed has a very aesthetic design which can improve your out looking of your bed. There are many types of platform bed. Among all types, the wooden platform bed with black or wood color can improve your bed dressing easily. A platform bed is very supportive to any kinds of mattress, even your old mattress. You can read the review of platform bed at

2. All components of a well appointed bed serve a function

The given image shows various components of a dressy bed. The runner is your eye-catching element on the bed dividing your bed into two. The cushions serve both the purpose of being dressy as well as for propping them up while sitting with backrest.


3. Biggest to the smallest

Thumb rule to a great bedding – Biggest to the smallest; Back to Front. This simple rule ensures that the selection of fabrics and colors of the decorative pillows are all highlighted.

As one can see in the image above, each color gets defined by the color in front and in back of it, existing in harmony yet being distinct.


4. Vary the sizes, colors and textures of decorative pillows

Even though there are a total of 5 pillows on this bed, the different sizes and colors provide interest and variation. In this contemporary master retreat, all pillows except the smallest decorative pillows are solid fabrics, keeping the overall look from getting too busy.


5. Play with pillow and runner placement to create interest

For a twist, rotate the back pillows so they are on the diagonal. This adds an interesting little detail, different from the norm. Or just spread the runner sideways as shown in the image.


6. Play with a well tailored look through the use of a bedspread

Best described as simple, elegant and tailored, this bed is a lesson for us all. Keeping the color palette restricted and simpler bed cover with not too many details, this bed does ooze elegance.

Image Source: Izel Homes

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