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Tips To Conserve Water For You, Me And Them!

Water! Since the time we were little kids studying in school, how many times did we repeat these lines?? – “Water is our life, we should save it.” “Stop the wastage of Water, We just have ⅓ of earth” “Water is essential for every living beings, let us share it wisely.” Well, we learnt that but how many of us actually follow it? Are we thinking about its equal share? Though we know, we cannot provide water to everyone who are deprived of it, humanly not possible but hey, we might be the reason they are not getting the water. Let’s not forget that Water is for all, every living being on this planet and it is not MANMADE!

Here are few tips that you, me and they can cultivate as habit to save gallons of water, only to try making it reach to the deprived:

1.Pipes and Faucets

Check faucets and pipe for any leakages. As a small leakage in the faucets can waste 20 Liter of water in a day and hundreds of Liter water wastage if there is a large leakage.

2. Go For Less And Smaller

Whenever you go for pee, flush a makeup tissue, cigarette butt or any used paper, press the smaller flush button as using the larger one will just waste 6-7 Liters of water, which isn’t actually required to flush the above mentioned. Use it wisely.

3. Limit The Bath Time

Showers to save water

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Use Small headed showers with small holes to avoid excess water usage. Moreover, keep a tab on the time you are in the washroom.

4. Cultivate The Habit

Close the tap once you wet your toothbrush, turn off the shower tap while you soap your body or shampoo your hair, close the kitchen tap while you clean the dishes with soap. Fill a vessel to wash fruits and vegetables, than doing so under the running tap. All these small, yet very important habits can save litres of water per day.

5. Faith In Festivals But…

Celebrate Holi And Save water

Do participate, celebrate any festivals which involves the use of water but use the second option to be involved! Like Play holi just with colors, Immersion of lord Ganesh’s idol in small man made tanks etc.

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6. Lucky You Are

If you have access to unlimited water, good for you but that doesn’t give you a right to waste it. Do not wash your balconies, verandas with unmeasurable liters of water, keep it twice or thrice in a week. Think what would you do if you do not have enough water?

7. Connect The Usages

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Link the water connection that comes from the Kitchen sink to the garden if you have one. Use the water of washing machine to clean your house floors and many more things that can do dual task.

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8. Water To Gardens

Use sprinklers and handheld pipes to sprinkle water instead of pouring buckets, also keep a tab on the time you set for sprinklers, only the plants need water, not the roads and streets.

9. Conserve Rain Water

Save rainwater

As the Monsoon is hit, be ready with huge containers, tubs or tanks to be located on terraces, gardens and balconies. If required on streets! This way you will conserve the rainwater which can be utilized in daily purposes.

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10. Spread The Goodness

Saving water and requesting someone to do so is spreading the awareness, which is good and hence each one of us has to do this right from today. It is very important to ask/request/order a person wasting water because, word of mouth is more powerful than the TV commercials or pamphlets. And remember, WATER is more needed than required, Think about it!

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