Transformation Textiles – Taking Women Hygiene To a New Level

Branded garments and designer clothing! For each one of us, who follow the new trendy lifestyle, our cupboards are always well stocked with some of the best branded attires. But, not all women are lucky enough to have such lavish closets. Some don’t even have the money to buy themselves basic clothing requirements such as undergarments and menstrual pads. It is a shame for us that even in the 21st century, there are people who are devoid of such basic hygiene requirements. Transformation Textile comes as a revolutionary company, established with the aim to provide this basic requirement to women under the poverty line.

Transformation Textiles

Founded by Rachel Starkey, Transformation Textiles is a social non-profitable business which uses textile scraps to make menstrual kits for women in Africa. The firm has simple strategic partnership with a few non-government organizations that help in organizing services such as shipping of the products, distributions and educating women about health hygiene.

What difference does the organization make?

Hygiene for women is a basic necessity, or you may say, a desirable necessity. The undergarments made by the organization help women in several ways. Some of these include:

  • They allow young women to go to school during the menstrual days.
  • More understanding about her personal body and hygiene.
  • Preventing health conditions.
  • Not being used by principals and teachers, only to buy basic hygiene items.
  • Not being married at the age of 12 and dying during low age childbirth.
  • And finally, a better future for every woman.

Costing and Sustainability of these products

Generally, a feminine hygiene kit costs only Canadian $5 and can be used for as long as 3 to 5 years. However, the material used by Transformation Textile (TT) is the scrap of various textile industries which otherwise goes to landfill. Hence, the material is free or available at a very inexpensive rate. Also, the cost of cutting and sewing the feminine hygiene kit is also very reasonable. Higher the order, lower is the making cost. Moreover, as Transformation Textiles is associated with non-profitable organizations, no shipping or delivery charges are added. This makes the Transformation Textile made feminine hygiene kit absolutely inexpensive.

Talking about sustainability, the raw material is basically the scrap of other high quality textile products. TT has contracts with certain textile companies and gets to cut the underwear and the hygiene menstrual pads when the textile company cuts its other items.

Recently, a new textile company discovered that they can make 400 underwear’ in just 2 days by using the textile scrap from their company. And almost 104,000 pairs in a month’s time.

This is a great initiative taken by Transformation Textile to enhance women Hygiene and provide all basic requirements to women all across the world.

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