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Uday Shirali – The Man Behind Priyanka Chopra’s Mesmerising Beauty

Priyanka Chopra is the proof of the fact that, if you wish to pursue anything that you have ever desired, it is not Impossible! With her 16 hours work schedule, the glamorous actress has proved her guts and we guess, this is how Mary Com, Kashibai, Jhilmil and Alex Parrish looked so pragmatic. But, apart from her excellent acting skills, it is her natural beauty and the artwork of her makeup artist that gives her roles the most real effect. Here is the man behind her effervescent charm: Uday Shirali who has helped PeeCee ace every other suitcase roles with ease. The man, discloses his beautiful moments that he has experienced working as PeeCee’s makeup guy!

Priyanka Chopra - Uday Shirali - 5Uday Shirali is an exclusive makeup artist of Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra. It’s been nine years Mr. Shirali has been credited to work with PeeCee and the gorgeous actress is lucky to find a talent like that of Udayji. She is very much thankful to him for bringing out Mary Kom and Kashibai in her.

Known for choosing versatile roles, keeping up with Priyanka’s varying looks is not easy! Speaking about this, Uday says, “It feels great to be associated to one of the top actresses of the B-town. She trusts me with my job and I too make sure I never disappoint her. She loves experimenting with her looks, they come as a challenge to her as well as me.”

The charismatic diva is full of energy, says her all time favourite makeup artist. Her increasing fan following and the international presence is the outcome of the input that she has given to Bollywood. Uday has enjoyed bringing every role that PeeCee has done. “The most challenging was the Mary Kom look. We had to really work hard on every bit to make her look like MC Mary Kom.” As PeeCee is known for taking challenging roles, it becomes more interesting for Uday to bring out the character through his makeup skills. Getting Kashibai was one of the toughest as she had to look elegant and historic, for Kashibai was one of the great Indian king Peshwa Bajirao’s wife.

I just had to make sure Priyanka looks very subtle and influential in the Peshwa look. I had to make her look an influential lady from the era of the Peshwas. The brief given to me for Priyanka was to make her look younger to Ranveer Singh.”

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With the actress handling multiple roles in India and in USA, it is proven that a little credit of PeeCee becoming an international star goes to Uday Shirali. Though the talented artist does not handle her makeup in Hollywood series but is happy that he was the one to reflect Alex Parrish look for the Quantico’s posters, which were shot in India. Be it her simple yet elegant look of Agneepath, royal one for Bajirao Mastani, rich hot chick of Dil Dhadakne Do or Struggles of Mary Kom – It was PeeCee in Uday Shirali’s Makeup.

When asked about the makeup industry, Uday subtly added, “The Indian Makeup Industry has been growing drastically. We have soon adapted the new techniques and almost match to the international level. The challenges given by our directors have made the real artists in us come out. We are growing in our fields along with the film industry.”  


The marvelous makeup artist is already living his dream of working with A-listed Bollywood diva. He would also like to assist upcoming talented makeup artist to ace his field. While he is the king of Bollywood Makeup industry, he has some simple useful tips for all of us, “For makeup, use the right colours that suits you, the right amount and the right products. Every person is beautiful and makeup is just to enhance the beauty you already carry. Colours like red, burberry and orangish pink suit the best for Indian skin.”

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