Vitamin C

The Ultimate List Of Vitamin C Foods For Healthy Teeth

We are constantly on the run to keep ourselves fit. We go to the gym, follow a healthy eating style, go for a walk, and do other stuff that helps promote a healthy lifestyle. The main reason for doing all these things is to keep you healthy as it will prove beneficial in the long run. The more you keep yourself fit the fewer chances are there that you will fall ill. This is why exercise and eating healthy food is recommended by the doctors as both these things take proper care of your body which is a key requirement now. The more care you take, the better your body will look like.

The same is the case for your teeth as well. The more care you take of your teeth, the better they will look like. This is why it is important that one should keep a regular check on their teeth and try to do teeth exercises so that the teeth remain healthy. Not only this, whatever you eat plays a significant role in the health of your teeth. If you are eating too much sugar than this can cause problems for your teeth as there can be bacteria that can affect your teeth. Such things need to be avoided. We will now take you through some of the best Vitamin C food that you can eat which will keep your teeth healthy all the time.

Bell Peppers

People often are looking out for benefits of orthodontic treatment, but if you are able to keep your teeth healthy you won’t have the need to go for orthodontic treatment. The healthier your teeth are the fewer visits you will need to pay to the dentists. This is why eating bell peppers are important for your teeth because they are highly enriched with Vitamin C that will provide nutrition to your teeth. There are different bell peppers in different colors but one always has the choice to choose. It is recommended that the red bell peppers should always be chosen in compared to the other colored bell peppers as they have more Vitamin C. the more you eat the better it is for your teeth as bell peppers contain only 45 calories so there is no chance of gaining weight as well.


We all have eaten strawberries mostly as ice cream and not as a proper fruit. The strawberry flavored ice cream and shakes are famous all over the world but little have we known that strawberry is a very good source of Vitamin C for our teeth. Despite being a summer delight, this fruit is loaded with Vitamin C along with flavonoids that help in countering cholesterol in the blood. Apart from this strawberry helps to fight of gums and cavities in your teeth if you have encountered any. Any gum is usually removed and the teeth are made stronger due to the amount of Vitamin C that is present in strawberries. So eating strawberries not only provides you with a good taste but also provides you with healthy teeth that are beneficial right now for everyone.


Broccoli is that one vegetable that a lot of people might not like but the important thing is that this particular vegetable is very beneficial for our health. Not only does broccoli help you with your teeth health by providing you with Vitamin C intake but it also helps to fend cancer. Broccoli contains a high percentage of sulfur content which is found in cruciferous vegetables and is said to help in fending cancer. Thus there is multiple advantages of using broccoli as your teeth health improves and it fights off gum diseases as well.


Not a lot of people may have eaten Kiwi but those who have eaten it know that this is one of the best fruits that you can have. Not only Kiwi is good in taste but it also has numerous benefits that can help humans. Kiwi is less acidic which a very good thing for your teeth as they don’t have a negative impact on them. Not only this, but Kiwi also has a very high content of Vitamin C in it and if measured properly the Vitamin C content in a Kiwi is twice the content of lemon or orange. Apart from providing high Vitamin C intake, Kiwi also has fiber and enzyme in it which helps to break down proteins and ease the overall digestion process of a person.


Kale is one of that vegetable that has got too much attention in the recent past and that is because of the super amazing health benefits that it has to offer. The vegetable is very healthy for the human body and contains Vitamin A, C, and K in very high quantity. Not only does Kale have these vitamins but it also has a high content of fiber and iron as well. You may not like the taste that Kale has to offer but if it is made as a smoothie you will definitely like it and will also get all the health benefits that you are looking for. As there is a high quantity of Vitamin C in it, one needs to consult a dentist before using Kale on daily basis.

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