Using Blogging to Boost Your Writing Skills as a Student

Possessing high writing skills is a vital skill to have in the 21st century. Whether you are exercising it on the computer, or you go old-style and use the pen and paper, writing is important for effective communication. Therefore, the students who succeed in improving their writing skills in college boost their chances to become successful team players and communicators during their professional life. While there are many methods to help students improve their writing skills, blogging remains one of the most effective and newest ones. We live in a digital world and students are permanently exposed to information coming through different channels of communication. Thus, encouraging students to use blogs to improve their writing skills will bring a lot of benefits to the long-term.

Using Blogging to Boost Your Writing Skills as a Student

  • Blogging makes them better writers

Becoming better writers is one of the most obvious benefits of encouraging students to start blogging. Furthermore, students can get easily distracted. In order to keep them focused on the task and find writing a lot easier, teachers should give them a subject which they are passionate about. When students are interested in the subject they have to research, they will put more effort into improving their writing skills and exceed expectations. What is more, when they read each other’s blogs, students will become more competitive. Moreover, it will help them get inspiration from their colleagues’ blogs. Teachers can also establish a rating system and an appealing reward for the best blogs created by students. When they are in competition with each other and want to win the promised prize, they will work harder to deliver the best work possible. On the other hand, teachers can also partner with some of the paper writing services for college students and give them valuable tips from professional writers, to help them become even better writers.

  • Students can learn more about each other

When students start writing on a blog, they start to expose their personality. This is a good opportunity for teachers to get to know their students better. Teachers can learn a lot about their students’ struggles and passions from the way they write an article. Even though they are given a certain topic, the way a student structures his sentence and the type of words he uses to tell a lot about his feelings. In addition, blogging is a great opportunity for students to know each other better. This exercise will help them a lot in developing their social skills and also understand how their classmates think and feel. Furthermore, blogging will stimulate their imagination and help them structure their phrases and ideas.

  • Students become expert in a certain topic

When they are given a clear topic to write about, the first thing students will do is researching and reading about that topic. Especially if they are passionate about the topic, students will do even more detailed research. They will be driven by the curiosity to discover as much as possible about the given topic. In addition, when they are stimulated to reach other’s blogs and comment on their colleagues’ post, then they are even more motivated to do deeper research and become experts on the topic. Blogging helps students not only in doing research, but it also makes them use their judgment to filter information and choose only the relevant one. Moreover, during the research phase, they will also use their ability to scan a large amount of text and extract only the relevant information. These exercises will help them a lot to become successful professionals after graduation.

  • Blogging helps students express themselves

It’s not easy for a student to express his feelings and ideas. They have different ways to communicate their feelings and ideas. Blogging is a very good technique that teachers can use to help students open their mind and souls and write about their thoughts in their blog posts. Students can use their blog to talk about their interests and feelings. Writing helps students become more open to talking about themselves. Blogging is the perfect tool for reflection, helping students to improve themselves and become more confident in their abilities.

When students are given the task of writing for a blog, they have to use the best of their creativity. However, if they are not passionate about the topic, they will get easily distracted. Readers will immediately notice if the writer likes what he writes about or he just does it to fill another page of his blog. Therefore, students should be encouraged to enjoy writing and use their imagination and creativity to the maximum for each blog post they create. In addition, teachers should give constructive feedback on every post they are publishing. There is not a good or bad article for a student. Each writing piece is a lesson from which students should discover themselves and the topics that really passionate them.

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