Vaastu Tips to Design Your Dining Room

What is the theme for your newly designed dining room? Are you looking forward to having a traditional look or have it designed based on international standards? Well, the theme doesn’t quite matter if you’re the Vaastu of your dining room is perfect. If built accordingly, you can be free from tensed mental conditions, bad luck and other negative thoughts.

Here are a few tips to help you create a perfect dinning room with a peaceful vibrant atmosphere that will help attract luck and prosperity to your family.

Sitting Arrangement

Sitting arrangement in the dining room is of great importance. You need to make sure it follows the vaastu tips properly.

  • While eating, the head of the family should sit facing the east direction.

  • Rest of the family members can sit facing north, east or west.

  • Never sit facing the south direction.

  • Always keep the number of chairs on the dinning table in an even number. This will avoid family disputes.

Tips to remember

Apart from the sitting arrangement, there are also other factors that need to follow strictly. Here are a few other tips to help you create positive vibes in your home, via your dining room.

  • Avoid black or white color painted walls.

  • Keep the dinning table shape either square or rectangle.

  • Never keep the dinning table fixed to the wall.

  • The entrance of the house and the dinning room should never face each other.

  • The toilet or the puja room should never open to the dinning room.

  • Add portraits and paintings with a mild theme should be hung on the walls of the dinning room. They help create a more pleasant and happy atmosphere.

  • Keep the lighting in the dinning room easy and calm.


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