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Valentines Day= We-Day

It is said that love has no language and it is universally felt with no bar of caste, race or boundaries. Since ages, being in love is celebrated. The very Popular ‘Valentines Day’ is one of the special days of spreading love. On this day, the new generation folks plan up special trips, special dinner and for a few it’s their wedding date as well. On this special day people exchange cards, roses and some of them exchange rings as well. “Women Planet” has given this day a totally new concept of “We-Day”. The reason is ‘Valentines Day’ bring two hearts close to each-other. The feelings and gesture are mutually exchanged with one motto to live with love forever.

This defines a quality of loyalty and innocence of the strong relation that binds the hearts with strength. Today, world has made LOVE very “Cheap” that the materialistic substances are kept above all. But, when it comes to the reality, this materialistic happiness would not fetch you any emotional support, but rather would ruin you in lust. Today, if you think of gifting, I would advice you to gift ‘Laughter’ to the delicate lips rather than a lipstick. I expect women to be more care free in love yet take care of not falling in love with the jerks. Women these days have to utilize their rational in a way they have to save themselves from fake lovers who break their heart for no reason but lust.

This holy day of love has lost its essence somewhere. It’s certainly a request to all the people to raise the standards of love and make it so expensive that people cannot take it for granted. This Day has defined the meaning of love and since then it is been celebrated all over the globe. The Valentines Day is a day to make the better-half’s remember that someone out there is all responsible for the smiling face and they swear by god to keep up the high spirits of love until their last breath and even after the death.

It is always said that love never dies, it’s immortal. To be frank this world does not require the engineers or scientists. They need healers, peace makers and lovers of all kind to make this planet a better place to reside. Yet there are many of us who justify love in all possible manner. This strong emotion of love can melt stones if you have a dedication towards it. It is always said that love is everything that one needs to live life. I certainly agree to the above statement, as at the end of the day when all the daily activities are done one requires a loving heart waiting to make sure that the other soul mate is all fine and in peace. This Valentine’s Day, let’s toast to stealing, lying and cheating. If you want to steal, better steal a heart, if you want to lie, lie for a true soul and if you want to cheat then cheat death.

Love unconditionally and always look forward for a matured love in a way that influences other souls to love each-other. Settle for nothing less than loyalty, commitments and a dare to accept your best-half with their flaws. Take courage to love and celebrate togetherness. Glide through the wild waves of love and find a shore of everlasting happiness, which leads you to define love from you and me to “WE”.

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