Valentine’s Day – Fight Against Evil With A Black Rose

An immature love says: ‘I love you because I need you’, but a mature love says: ‘I need you because I love you’. Imagine, just because one had to hear a ‘NO’ s/he ends up hurting a person emotionally. Just think if what is the first duty of love? I am sure it is to listen! If you cannot listen to a person, if you cannot accept a person’s free decision than you do no have any right to hurt him/her.

Now imagine this situation, a down to earth girl walking on roadside becomes the victim of an acid attack simply because she had denied a boy for his proposal. How do we even term this as a ‘one sided love’ when the essence of ‘true love’ is not pure! There are also a number of cases on domestic violence and forceful sex. This cannot be termed as love. There is acceptance and compromise in love which would connect two souls.

Laxmi, an acid attack fighter has rightly said, “If you cannot do good to a girl, please do not even dare to harm them.”

Give a Black rose this Valentine’s Day, to a person who is directly or indirectly involved in hurting you. Give a black rose to show that suffering won’t stop you to take revenge and fight for yourself. It would also show that in any way hurt, abuse or violence would not be tolerated in this peaceful society.

Let us pen down the experiences of people who gave a black rose to the deserving. This would definitely help you in registering your disagreement to the culprit’s behavior. Also on February 14, the Stop Acid Attack group is planning to gather in New Delhi to give black roses to the ones whose identity needs to be sealed soon. Do join them if possible!

A message to all, “Pass a black rose to get rid of the evil within us that guides crime against women.” Lets make this Valentine’s Day a peacefully revolutionary day for the safety of women!!

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