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Vaping Vs Smoking: What’s Healthier For You??

So, you’ve probably heard the buzz about vaping products and can’t wait to quit smoking and try them out. Then, you go online and start reading all these articles saying that vaping is even worse than smoking and you feel confused. The majority of your friends and colleagues have already switched to e-cigarettes or vape pens and they can’t stop talking about the health benefits of vaping.

What is true? How can you make your choice between, for instance, smoking and vaping CBD oils? To help you understand the world of vaping better, as we’re sure you’re well aware of tobacco smoking effects, we’ve decided to compare these two activities and settle this discussion once and for all – is vaping healthier than smoking?

Copyright: Pixabay I License: CC0 Public Domain

Copyright: Pixabay I License: CC0 Public Domain

The World of Science about Vaping

As vaping is relatively new, especially when compared to tobacco smoking, there haven’t been enough studies conducted where scientists are comparing vaping and smoking. We all know that smoking is bad for us and that it carries a lot of health risks, but does that apply to vaping as well? How does vaping affect our health?

For those who want to quit smoking by switching to vaping, you should know that vaping is at least 95% healthier and safer than tobacco smoking, according to Public Health England. Of course, vaping by itself needs to be studied more thoroughly to understand the potential dangers for vapers, but it also needs to be compared with tobacco smoking for smokers to make their decision between these two options.

How Vaping and Smoking Affect Your Lungs

Cigarettes cause well-known harm to our lungs. As we’re inhaling that burning tobacco for a while, it can lead to lung and esophageal cancer, and several extremely dangerous lung conditions like chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema.

Also, cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals, with 70 of them known as carcinogens. This and bits of burned tobacco and paper in the lungs make smoking a very unhealthy activity. When it comes to vaping, there are no carcinogens which could be considered real risks. All these harmful things that can be found in tobacco are absent from vaping, such as tar and carbon monoxide.

It would be unfair to say that vaping doesn’t have some potential risks to our lung health which mostly involve ingredients in e-liquid – propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavorings. None of these ingredients has shown any concerning threats so far but there still hasn’t been enough research on that topic. What we do know is that propylene glycol can cause minor irritation on the airways.

Vaping and Oral Health

We know that smoking causes and worsens many oral health problems, some of them being mouth, throat and oesophageal cancers. Moreover, tobacco cigarettes can cause dental and periodontal disease and alter the bacteria in the mouth, worsening existing periodontal problems.

There haven’t been many studies about how vaping affects oral health but it can lead to nicotine stomatitis, a condition that created lesions in the mouth. It’s not a huge health problem as it resolves by itself when there’s no source of heat.

Another issue that needs to be mentioned when talking about how vaping affects our health is exploding vapes. Obviously, this will cause damage to the mouths of vapers but there haven’t been many of these situations so far. The explosion usually occurs due to batter safety and you can avoid it by taking proper care of your device.

 Copyright: Pixabay I License: CC0 Public Domain

Copyright: Pixabay I License: CC0 Public Domain

Final Thoughts

In ten or twenty years from now, we will know much more about the health effects of vaping and vaping in general. However, if you’re wondering should you quit smoking by switching to vaping, the short answer is – yes! It’s definitely a healthier alternative which will not result in health issues in the future.

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