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Ways Of Banishing The PMS Behaviour

Days or hours, before or after the monthly periods most women feel a change in their behavior. And this is the time when they feel being cursed. Shouting on your loved ones, staying depressive, avoiding friends and people are just a few of the basic PMS behaviors that are commonly seen in millions of women across the world. But, there are ways to tame these severe expressions and PMS behavior with certain tips. Follow them and you can feel relieved of the PMS curse.

Reasons for PMS

The living standards and styles have changed. Most women try to do a lot of work without a thought to their health; this and other aspects lead to the PMS and off color experiences. But, if you have come across these expressions widely, it is time that you relax and try to control them with the following methods.

  • Eat healthy, fresh foods.
  • Eat fruits and ‘vegetables’ having more K(potassium). Having these will soothe the nerves and well drained.
  • Reduce your salt & sugar intake.
  • Baked food and usage of Maida (fine white flour) should be avoided as it may lead to stomach upsets.
  • Avoid using sugar free (artificial sweeteners) as they may lead to additional pain.
  • Take a hot water bag to reduce the aches in place of pills like aspirin.
  • Increase your Calcium in-take.
  • Drink herbal tea to stay peaceful and maintain your cool.
  • Relax! Do not do vigorous exercises.
  • Drink plenty of H2O.
  • Going for a swim may help.
  • At times just having a chocolate will work.

Some ladies prefer the Indian Style Exercises like Pranayam, Yoga and others to reduce their PMS, while others may try out something else. It is always better to be trained to do yoga. They are ready to do anything to ease the pain, change in behavior and others.

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