Bad Day

Ways To Get Over A Bad Day

Every day is not a Sunday. One cannot be cheerful 24/7. So, when you feel off colour or if it is the day when nothing seems to work your way, try doing something that will help you step out of you blue moods. Such days are bound to appear, so instead of getting bogged down, it is essential to work a way out. We have to learn to let go and go ahead. There is no point in crying over spilt milk or relive the negative happenings.

Don’t allow the situation get the better of you. Try to do something different and collect yourself before you get into a depression spell. Instead of being reactive, be Proactive.

The simple ways to get over a bad day:

  • When you feel out of colour or you are affected by a mood swing. Listen to some fast music. Do a little dancing or perhaps offer your voice support. Doing so will help you relax.
  • If you are annoyed with someone or you are angry with yourself, try doing some physical work like re-arranging a few furniture pieces that can be done alone. At times, you can hear the sound of utensils being banged while washing. This happens in every house where a person tries to wipe off irritation or anger.
  • Watching a humorous cinema will help. Watch a comedy movie that makes you laugh. As long as you don’t watch a serious family drama, any light movie will do the trick.
  • Go visiting with friends or old friendly neighbours who miss company. Perhaps, you favour someone with a little help.
  • Be with the nature. When nothing seems to help go out; spend some time in the park or go for long brisk walks. Breathe fresh air and the disturbing thoughts will definitely leave you.
  • Do a rhythmic swaying workout. Dance to some instrumental music. The swaying and rhythmic motion will have a soothing effect on your nerves.
  • Try smelling some essential oils. Aroma therapy has many mild sweet smelling oils that will work wonders. So, ask a friend or an aroma therapist to give you a nice rub.
  • Try to create a cosy corner in your room and relax. Listen to good music, take a short nap.
  • Take out your albums and see the snaps.
  • Perhaps a week or a long weekend holiday will definitely be the best option to get over the bad day
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