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Ways To Say Hello To This Year On A Positive Note

Are you bogged down with the unfinished tasks from this year? Or are you really excited to welcome the New Year with full pomp and energy? Sit for a moment with a blank mind and keep aside the past. No matter how disturbing your year was, you still have a chance to end this year on a high! Start a new year on a positive note filled with life and enthusiasm.

Now, just think about those moments that took place in the past twelve months which you still want to cherish. I am sure that is mesmerising! Also learn a lesson from the things that did not go the way you wanted them to be. I am sure even that will enlighten wisdom in you.

So, here are some tips to end your year in an encouraging and convinced manner:

  1. Pen down the good things: You will realise how happening and awe – inspiring your year was only when you sit, review and write the good things happened to you. Also write about the positive changes you incorporated in yourself which has changed you and your life drastically like – ‘I started exercising’, ‘I quit smoking’ or ‘I learnt swimming’.
  2. Share and celebrate success: Acknowledging and appreciating yourself for your achievements will boost you for more. So, celebrate your accomplishments with your family and friends. Be grateful to yourself for the height you have achieved this year and for the amount of good work you are doing for your society.
  3. Greet, appreciate and thank: So whose hands and efforts have brought you to the place you are at today? Yourself, but beyond that, there might be a few special ones who deserve to be thankful and appreciated for their support. Send your greetings through an eco-friendly card to be more economical. Express your gratitude for the successful past alliances and a strong bond in the future.
  4. Give a check to your to-do list: Select one task from the list that is very important and rush behind it to finish. Scratch all the remaining from the list and see how you will feel, Relief! Now you don’t have anything unfinished till the next time you make a list. Make sure that you come up with a new list only after celebrating.
  5. Resolve the unresolved matters: Lookout for petty unfinished task around your house like fixing screws, bolts or oiling the doors that make creepy sound. Make sure that you don’t have to wake up on a new year’s day with such unpleasant noises.
  6. Clear the unwanted things: Do not wait for spring. Look around your house and clear the things that you don’t need anymore. If you are replacing your wardrobe with the new things donate your old things and end your year generously.
  7. Update your paperwork: Finish all the year ending administrative work to start a fresh year. Make sure that you update all the required documents and feel free. If you are using a computer, delete all the unnecessary files and folders.
  8. Say No to the things that drained your energy this year: Stop worrying about the relationships that did not work this year. Eliminate them and instead look out for the smarter ways of spending your time. Say NO to things that you don’t want or don’t wish to do. Unsubscribe from the things that you don’t want to be the part of anymore. Your life won’t be that cluttered now.
  9. Think out of the box: Just go and do something that you have never done before. Go on a voyage of discovery with a child-like curiosity. It may be trying the Lebanese food which you haven’t before! In one line- think different and do something new.
  10. Start walking or exercising: Your body and mind needs peace for a while. So wait! Take some time out for yourself. Yoga, Aerobics and something like a simple walk might help you in being fit. Develop this new habit and see how you feel.
  11. Relax and rest: To implement above mentioned points is very important but to not rest and relax is wrong. Take it easy. You can simply sleep or laze in front of TV to spend your time in peace.

Guys Wake up! It’s time to wake up and recharge yourself for the New Year.

Remember the next year is going to be better than this year, so cheers and Wish You All a Very Happy New Year!!!

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